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Howard Stern
Wait ‘Til You Hear What’s Next
Howard Stern
Wait ‘Til You Hear What’s Next

What’s On Now Hits before they hit, late game comebacks, interviews with the brightest stars, and more.

Image of 2Pac with The Tupac Channel 3x2

The 2PAC Channel

Hear music from 2PAC’s entire career — plus other artists and celebs who are “Still down for PAC."
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Image of Marshmello on BPM
Marshmello BPM Takeover
This weekend Marshmello is playing a song every hour from his new album“Shockwave” on BPM (Ch. 51). The producer will discuss the making of each song and his experience working with various collaborators during quarantine.
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Black Music Month Logo with pink swirl background
Music That Connects and Inspires Us
All through June, SiriusXM spotlights contributions from Black musicians, singers, songwriters, and composers in celebration of the rich music rooted in African tradition and central to American culture today.
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Image of the Zac Brown Band
Celebrate Zac Brown Band’s New Summertime Single
Tune in for the Zac Brown Band Radio Weekend on Y2Kountry (Ch. 61). Hear their new song, “Same Boat,” live and studio recordings from their discography, and music from artists that inspire them.
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Prince playing the guitar with The Prince Channel and Prince logo
The Prince Channel

Listen to music from all eras of Prince, from his signature funk to slow jams to psychedelic rock. Hear Purple Playlists of Prince favorites from those who knew him best.
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