Your Music Horoscope: Gemini Season

This Gemini season, keep an open mind while feeding your intellectual curiosity. Read on for your musical horoscope!

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May 22, 2023

Welcome to Gemini season! Running from roughly May 21 to June 21 this year, the sign of the twins is officially here. Did you know that Kendrick Lamar, Prince, Paul McCartney, and Princess Nokia are all Geminis?

Known for being flexible and open-minded, Geminis have an adaptive and receptive approach to life. Their symbol of “the twins” means they have a reputation for being two-faced, but this is a shallow interpretation of their ability to see things from both sides. Geminis are open to changing their minds when presented with new information and are keen to get all the facts before they make a decision. This curiosity means they can get bored or restless easily, so Geminis can often be found seeking out new experiences. This Gemini season, take your lead from the twin sign and keep an open mind while feeding your intellectual curiosity. Embrace all sides of your personality and see where it takes you!

Read on for your musical horoscope this Gemini season, and explore all that SiriusXM has to offer on our channel guide.


“Landslide” — Fleetwood Mac

The introspection and curiosity of Geminis often leads them to reflect on the meaning of life. This classic from Fleetwood Mac is as reflective as they come, as Stevie Nicks ponders all of life’s challenges. The lyrics reflect on the child within, while also acknowledging how life changes as we age. It’s a beautiful song that plays with the duality of life and seeing yourself from multiple perspectives. Could there be a more fitting song for Gemini season?

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“Dog Days Are Over” — Florence + The Machine

Those born under the sign of Aries often have an active, assertive nature, but they can also be naive in their pursuit of satisfaction. They are similar to Geminis as they chase new experiences, but they’re also likely to believe the good times will last forever. This isn’t necessarily a bad trait — optimism is a wonderful thing! “Dog Days Are Over” is a great example of this. The song captures the feeling of the worst being behind you and embracing all the happiness in your future. If you’re an Aries, it’s time to turn the speakers all the way up and dance those worries away!


“I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” —The Proclaimers

The “bull” of the Zodiac is known for its stubbornness, but those born under Taurus also tend to have a dependable and stable side when it comes to the people they love. You might even say they’d walk a thousand miles to fall down at the door of someone they care about! This ’90s classic from Scottish band The Proclaimers promises the listener that they’ll be there no matter what. They use rather stubborn language (“I’m gonna be the man who wakes up next to you”) to prove that you can depend on them, and that’s Taurus through and through.


“Express Yourself” — Labrinth

In contrast to the ever-changing Geminis, Cancers can be very resistant to change. Like their symbol of the crab, they often protect themselves with a hard outer shell to avoid being seen or hurt. This Gemini season, why not take a leaf out of Gemini’s book and seek out new experiences, even if they seem scary or will risk people seeing the real you. Labrinth’s 2012 anthem is a great soundtrack to this new world outside your comfort zone. Listen closely to when he sings about his own insecurities and decides to embrace them and live loud. You can do it, too!


“Stand By Me” — Ben E. King

There’s a stereotype that Leos are the confident, if slightly cocky, sign of the Zodiac. While these lions do often find themselves at the center of attention, this is due to their generous, warm, and open nature. Like Geminis, they want to understand the people around them and welcome new experiences with open arms. They’re also known to be dependable and authoritative — traits you’d want by your side when “the night has come, and the land is dark.” This classic soul number perfectly shows why Leos can be such good friends, so embrace that this Gemini season!

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“Take Me Or Leave Me” — Rent Cast

Virgos can sometimes feel a disconnect between their need for perfection and their rebellious desire to break away from the status quo. Embrace that duality this Gemini season with a song that sees these two personalities fighting it out. From the popular musical Rent, “Take Me or Leave Me” details a fight between two partners with contrasting approaches to life. Maureen is a free spirit who embraces chaos, while Joanne likes order, routine, and precision. They still love each other despite these differences, and hopefully, Virgos can learn to love these two aspects of their sign, too!

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“All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version)” — Taylor Swift

Libras are often seen as the romantics of the Zodiac, but there’s an underlying indecisiveness that can result in reflecting on old relationships for too long. If you’re a Libra, you’ll likely relate to Taylor Swift releasing the extended cut of “All Too Well” for Red (Taylor’s Version), possibly to set the record straight on a relationship that ended over a decade ago. This Gemini season, learn to embrace your romantic streak without feeling too tempted to satisfy that “what if…” feeling!


“Lose Yourself” — Eminem

Despite being a water sign, Scorpio is often mistaken for a fire sign due to its passionate nature. Scorpios are typically determined and focused when it comes to achieving their goals, but they don’t always pursue traditional avenues of power. Like Geminis, they are open to new possibilities. Once they identify a target, though, they’re locked in. This ambition needs a good soundtrack, and what could be better than Eminem’s motivational classic? This song is all about seizing the moment and not letting an opportunity pass you by, so it’s the perfect tune for Scorpios to play as they chase their dreams this Gemini season.

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“Don’t Stop Me Now” — Queen

Optimistic and adventurous, Sagittariuses make great companions for the ever-exploring Geminis. The Sagittarius may need a dose of Gemini’s ability to see things from outside their own perspective, as Sags can get carried away by their ambition and fly a bit too close to the sun. When kept in check, their independence and explorative nature leads them to great things. Queen’s iconic anthem is a great song to accompany Sags on their intrepid journeys, with a message that has inspired generations to achieve greatness.

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“tears in the club” — FKA twigs (ft. the weekend)

This song comes from FKA twigs’ 2022 album Caprisongs, a reference to her Zodiac sign. It’s a great example of the classic Capricorn tenacity, mixed with their ability to know the best way to deal with a situation. twigs knows she has to head to the club and dance away her sorrow, without feeling guilty for expressing her emotions. This Capricorn wisdom is a great trait to hold onto. This Gemini season, embrace these complementary aspects of your personality like the twins would!


“Mad World” — Tears For Fears

Those born under the sign of Aquarius tend to be independent, observant, and opinionated. Like Geminis, they seek out new experiences, but they prefer to watch from the sidelines instead of getting involved. They observe, learn, and make up their own minds — they don’t just follow the herd. A great song that captures this essence is the original version of “Mad World.” While some may be more familiar with Gary Jules and Michael Andrews’ version, the more upbeat Tears For Fears arrangement makes the song less sorrowful. The observations about human nature don’t have to be sad, they’re just what an Aquarius might see as they calmly watch it all go by.


“The Scientist” — Coldplay

Pisces have a reputation for being the most emotional sign of the Zodiac. We see this as a positive: it comes from their intuitive, sensitive, and tender nature. Similar to Gemini’s ability to see things from both sides, Pisces tend to value introspection and self-awareness. Chris Martin is a Pisces himself, and this tendency to look within for the answers is reflected throughout Coldplay’s discography. “The Scientist” is one such song, where he looks back on a failed relationship and how he could fix it — if only he could go “back to the start.” Rather than wallowing in past misery, Pisces can find comfort in understanding past experiences to learn valuable lessons.

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