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Howard Stern
Wait ‘Til You Hear What’s Next
Howard Stern
Wait ‘Til You Hear What’s Next

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SiriusXM Celebrates Latinx and Hispanic Heritage Month

Tune in for exclusive programming and the best of Latinx & Hispanic culture, music and entertainment. We’re airing special features, interviews, and performances by some of today’s most emblematic artists and figures. 
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SiriusXM subscribers can discover something new every day, including exclusive music channels curated by the biggest names in the business. Limited-run channels this month include Coldplay Radio, Halsey Radio, Mandatory Metallica, SoundCloud Radio and more. 

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Queens of Hip-Hop
Limited-Run Channel. Hear music from today's biggest female hip-hop artists including Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, and Nicki Minaj and from the Queens who've paved the way, such as Queen Latifah and Lil' Kim.
Stream on the SXM App anytime. 

SoundCloud Radio
SoundCloud Radio
Limited-Run Channel. Tune in to hear all the hip-hop hits that paved the way and the new tracks driving culture today.
Stream on the SXM App Sept. 1—Sept. 30. 

Image of Black Diamonds Podcast art
Barrier Breakers with Patrick Mahomes
Tune in to hear Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes join Bob Kendrick to talk about what he owes to the pioneers of the Negro Leagues, the challenges he's faced as a Black quarterback, his advocacy for social justice, and carrying on the legacy of football's first Black stars.
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