16 Self-Care Songs to Boost Your Mood

These self-care songs about empowerment, self-love, and good vibes were handpicked to help boost your mood.

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April 5, 2023

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Let’s be honest, we all need a bit of self-care every now and then to help our mental health. Whether you’re a fan of face masks, take comfort in cleaning, or just like to kick back on the couch, everyone has their own way of boosting their mood.

Musicians are just the same. Many release songs about self-love, good vibes, and enjoying what makes them happy, as well as shaking off the things that don’t. If you’re in the mood for some TLC, keep reading, because we’ve got the perfect self-care soundtrack for you!

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“Shake It Off” — Taylor Swift

Is there a better way to boost your mood than with a hype song? Music can be a great source of positivity, especially when the lyrics are uplifting and catchy. Taylor Swift’s iconic 2014 bop “Shake It Off” is the perfect example of this. Taylor knows that “the haters gonna hate,” but she shakes it off thanks to the “music in [her] mind, sayin’ it’s gonna be alright.” No matter what, Taylor isn’t letting the haters get her down!


“Good Days” — SZA

Another artist refusing to be dragged down is SZA. In her 2020 hit “Good Days,” she admits that she knows she’s “gotta let go of weight.” Instead, she chooses to believe in good days that are sure to come. Is there a better motto to live by than this?

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“Never Gonna Not Dance Again” — P!nk

When you’re in the need of a pick-me-up, dancing can be a great way to practice self-care. P!nk’s 2022 song “Never Gonna Not Dance Again” certainly seems to agree. She insists that “one thing I’m never gonna do is throw away my dancing shoes.” No matter what happens, P!nk just wants to “pop and lock to [her] records,” and nothing is stopping her — or you!


“My Church” — Maren Morris

Maren Morris is similarly inspired by music and movement in her 2016 country classic “My Church.” Even when she feels she’s “fallen down from grace,” music provides solace. As long as she can “play the highway,” Morris knows that she can “find [her] soul revival.”

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“About Damn Time” — Lizzo

When it comes to looking after yourself, a little bit of self-love goes a long way. Just ask Lizzo. Her 2022 bop “About Damn Time” is all about learning to love yourself and realizing that you are “way too fine to be this stressed.” After all, there’s no time to be worrying when “it’s bad bitch o’clock!”


“Born This Way” — Lady Gaga

Of course, Lizzo isn’t the only artist singing about self-love. Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” is a classic song all about accepting and loving who you are. Gaga reassures listeners that they’re beautiful in their own way “because God makes no mistakes.” If there’s one piece of self-care advice to live by, it’s to “rejoice and love yourself today!” Words to live by.


“Who Says” — Selena Gomez & The Scene

Another musical act celebrating this philosophy is Selena Gomez & The Scene in their 2011 song “Who Says.” Gomez sings that she has no time for negativity, insisting that she “wouldn’t want to be anybody else” and is confident being “just beautiful me.”


“Wings” — Little Mix

A valuable part of self-care is knowing your own worth, and plenty of artists are celebrating that! “Wings” by Little Mix is a perfect example. With lyrics focused on rising above negative vibes, it encourages listeners not to “let what they say keep you up at night.” This feel-good song reminds us that our “wings are made to fly.” Shake off those negative vibes, rise up, and empower yourself in the name of self-care!

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“Confident” — Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato shares a similarly inspiring message in 2015’s “Confident.” Lovato sings about being “the boss right now,” challenging those who have “had [them] underrated.” In the face of doubt, “Confident” is all about empowering yourself to prove the haters wrong, and encourages us to have our own back. After all, as Lovato asks, “what’s wrong with being confident?”


“Flowers” — Miley Cyrus

We’re all about a bit of girl power in our self-care songs, and so is Miley Cyrus. Her 2023 bop “Flowers” is the perfect example of this, with the singer insisting that “I can buy myself flowers” and “hold my own hand.” Cyrus can comfort herself without needing help, but she also knows she can “love me better” than anyone else. There’s nothing more empowering than realizing that you have your own back and that you don’t need to rely on anyone else!

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“Love Myself” — Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld has a similar philosophy in her 2015 hit “Love Myself.” Lyrics like “feeling good on my own” and “I don’t need anybody else” prove her point perfectly. It’s a level of self-confidence that we aspire to and absolutely love to see!


“Better Than You Left Me” — Mickey Guyton

Country music gives Mickey Guyton the opportunity to assert her independence, especially in “Better Than You Left Me.” Just like Cyrus and Steinfeld, Guyton is all about self-care, reminding the song’s inspiration that she is “stronger than the woman, the one that you knew back then.” Affirmations like this are an integral part of any self-care process, so don’t be afraid to tell yourself the same.


“SUBJECT TO CHANGE” — Kelsea Ballerini

Kelsea Ballerini shares this independent spirit, showing nothing but self-confidence in her 2022 tune “SUBJECT TO CHANGE.” Ballerini is all about accepting herself, singing that her gut feeling is “leading [her] to somewhere new.” It’s a mentality we could all do to adopt as it’s a great way to boost your mood and practice self-care!


“I Will Survive” — Gloria Gaynor

Sticking up for yourself is a necessary part of self-care. Just ask Gloria Gaynor, whose iconic hit “I Will Survive” has been used to celebrate dusting yourself off and coming back better since 1978. Gaynor acknowledges that “at first [she] was afraid” that she wouldn’t be able to carry on alone, but that doesn’t last for long. When the subject of the song tries to re-enter her life, Gaynor tells them they’re “not welcome anymore.” Let’s be real, hearing Gaynor sassily ask “you think I’d crumble?” is a form of self-care all on its own!


“Try Everything” — Shakira

Another song that’s all about refusing to let yourself be beaten down is Shakira’s “Try Everything.” Written for the 2016 movie Zootopia, this upbeat tune is all about starting again and learning from your mistakes. While she may “keep on hitting the ground,” Shakira remains positive singing “I won’t give up, no, I won’t give in.”


“Fight Song” — Rachel Platten

Of course, a list of mood-boosting songs wouldn’t be complete without Rachel Platten’s 2014 aptly-named “Fight Song.” Platten describes the song as a “fight song, take back my life song, prove I’m alright song,” and insists that “I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me.” Talk about a motivational feel-good message!

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