Your Music Horoscope: Libra Season

What should YOUR star sign be rocking out to right now?

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September 19, 2023

From around September 23 to about October 23, it’s Libra season! This air sign is fair, sociable, and hardworking.

It comes as no surprise then that these qualities have led to a whole host of successful Libras within the music industry. From the all-American anthems of Bruce Springsteen to the rapping prowess of Eminem and the smash pop-hits of Halsey, there’s no shortage of Libra legends.

To celebrate Libra season, we’ve chosen the perfect song for each star sign. So whether you’re a Libra or not, there’s something for you. Join SiriusXM as we look at your music horoscope for Libra season.


“Imagine” — John Lennon

Libras are known for being diplomatic as they strive for equality. This makes John Lennon’s 1971 hit the perfect song for Libra season. Lennon, a Libra himself, spoke of unity in “Imagine,” asking us to “Imagine all the people, sharing all the world.” It embodies the longing for fairness that Libras value so highly. “Imagine” also comes with a sense of hopefulness and optimism; qualities that Libras tend to hold, even in the toughest of times.

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“Better Together” — Jack Johnson

Libra and Aries are both highly sociable star signs. They love the company of other people and know the value of collaboration. Jack Johnson’s 2005 acoustic hit appreciates the importance of togetherness. Both star signs cherish quality time with friends and family, and know that good company can make everything a little bit better!


“Both Sides, Now” — Joni Mitchell

Tauruses can sometimes have an all-or-nothing approach to life, whereas Libras often look at the bigger picture and take everything into consideration. The profound lyrics from Joni Mitchell’s 1969 folk hit can teach Taureans to adopt Libra’s outlook when it comes to viewing others and look at life from a broader perspective.

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“We Are Your Friends” — Justice vs. Simian

Geminis love to talk — whether that’s to close friends or total strangers. Similarly, Libras love to be around other people. “We Are Your Friends” is a funky, upbeat electro bop celebrating friendship and camaraderie. So, if you’re a Gemini, a Libra, or just want to dance along to a great tune, turn this one up loud!


“Hey Brother” — Avicii

Those born under the signs of Cancer and Libra are very family-oriented and will always be by their family’s side whenever needed or called upon. Avicii’s “Hey Brother” is an ode to siblinghood and is all about being there for your family when the sky comes falling down. When needed, Cancers and Libras will do anything for those that they consider to be family.

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“Three Little Birds” — Bob Marley and The Wailers

Leos and Libras are exceptionally charming people. They both have infectious energies. If they’re happy, those around them will find it hard not to feel that way too. Likewise, those born under both signs are often very laid back, taking whatever happens in their stride. Bob Marley and The Wailer’s song teaches us to try not to worry, and reassures us that “every little thing is gonna be alright!”

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“Human” — Rag’n’Bone Man

Virgos can sometimes be quick to jump to conclusions about other people. This isn’t always a bad thing, mainly because Virgos are highly intuitive. However, nobody knows everything about everyone, and Rag’n’Bone Man’s “Human” can teach Virgos something about a Libra’s ability to consider all facets of a person before judging them.


“What A Wonderful World” — Louis Armstrong

Like Libras, Scorpios have an excellent ability to appreciate the world around them, and this time of year is an excellent opportunity to do so. As we move into fall, many will get to see beautiful autumn leaves and experience some cooler weather, too. So, play Louis Armstrong’s classic 1967 hit this Libra season, and venture out into our wonderful world!


“Step Out” — José González

Written for Ben Stiller’s 2013 movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, “Step Out” is the perfect anthem for those born under Sagittarius. They love to explore new places, meet new people, and try new things. Libras love an adventure too, as long as it includes friends and family, but Sagittarians take wanderlust to a new level. This song is all about breaking free of your home comforts, exploring new places, and living life to the fullest. After listening, you’ll want to get up, get out, see new places, and seize the day!


“Say So” — Doja Cat

Capricorns have a practical communication style but shy away from expressing romantic feelings. By contrast, when Libras like someone, they let them know immediately. Because Doja Cat is a Libra herself it makes sense that she would encourage others to just put themselves out there. So If you’re a Capricorn with a crush, then maybe take Doja Cat’s advice and just “say so.” It might be for the best.

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“Dream On” — Aerosmith

Libras and Aquarians share two strong qualities — imagination and ambition. Aerosmith’s first major hit exemplifies both qualities, encouraging listeners to think big and chase their dreams. After all, those born under both signs are determined, driven, and capable of achieving whatever they set their minds to!

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“Truly, Madly, Deeply” — Savage Garden

Pisces and Libra are exceptionally romantic signs. They both love being in love, are sincere, and give everything to those they fall for. So, what better song to unashamedly express your love to than Savage Garden’s 1997 bop? This song has everything from romantic gestures about standing on mountains, bathing in the sea, and pledging to be a dream, a wish, and a fantasy of their lucky partner. It may be cheesy, but it’s meaningful and heartfelt — making it the perfect love song for both signs!

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