Ed Sheeran, Michael Bublé, Avril Lavigne & more love GRAMMY winner Olivia Rodrigo

Ed Sheeran, Michale Bublé, Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift and Niall Horan all showed huge support for Olivia Rodrigo’s debut album ‘Sour’ and hit single “drivers license.”

Jackie Kolgraf
April 4, 2022

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SiriusXM Olivia Rodrigo GRAMMYS

The Recording Academy aren’t the only people showing Olivia Rodrigo some love. At the 2022 GRAMMY Awards last night, her debut single “drivers license” (which she also performed live) won Best Pop Solo Performance, her album Sour won Best Pop Vocal Album and Olivia won Best New Artist, and some of the biggest artists in the world can’t stop singing their praises of the 19-year-old pop star.

Olivia told SiriusXM that she wrote “drivers license” in her living room. “I recorded it on my phone, and I was like, ‘Wow, I think there might be something here.’ Like, ‘This is great.’ And maybe a week later, I went in and I played it for my producer, Dan Nigro, and we finished it together, and the rest is history, I guess!”

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As a single, “drivers license” was such a moment that it caught the attention of the likes of Ed Sheeran, Michael Bublé, Taylor Swift and more. See what they had to say about her music below, and tune in to SiriusXM Hits 1 (Ch. 2) to catch “drivers license” as well as her other singles like “deja vu” and “good 4 u.”

Ed Sheeran calls Olivia “an extreme talent”

Ed told Hits 1, “I remember first hearing that and being like, ‘This is an incredible tune,’ and then, like, finding out she was 17 and being like, ‘That’s even more…’ Because, I mean, that was the age that I started writing songs, and I did not write a song of that caliber. I couldn’t sing at that caliber either. So, she’s like — she’s an extreme talent.”

“drivers license” gave Michael Bublé hope

Michael went through his most recently listened-to songs with VOLUME, which included “drivers license.” He said, “Of course, my first thought is, ‘God, why didn’t I write that?’ That’s my first thought. And then it’s, ‘Oh, thank god we still get great songs. Thank god that there’s beautiful music still to be heard; that they’re figuring out weird and cool combinations and wonderful, honest storytelling that makes me want to cry.’ It makes me so happy ’cause it gives me hope in humanity.”

Avril Lavigne says Olivia is kicking ass in the industry

From one rocker to another, Avril presented Olivia with the Songwriter of the Year award at the Variety Hitmakers Brunch at the end of 2021. She told the Morning Mash Up, “I love seeing newer, younger artists just entering this space and doing their thing in music and kicking ass. And she’s so young and she’s writing songs that are resonating with [a] younger and older audience. It’s so great seeing her do her thing.”

Taylor Swift has been a mentor figure for Olivia

Olivia shared that Taylor, one of her major musical inspirations, sent her a box of hand-wrapped gifts after “drivers license” was released. “Actually, last night — literally 12 hours ago — I got a package from her with this handwritten note,” Olivia said. “And she gave me this ring ’cause she said she wore one just like it when she wrote Red, and she wanted me to have one like it.”

Niall Horan says Olivia’s so gifted it’s scary

Tony Fly and Symon asked Niall who he’s listening to right now, and to no surprise he named Olivia. “She’s just incredible,” he said. “It’s just scary to me that she’s that young and that gifted of a songwriter. Like, I didn’t have a clue.”

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