Pearl Jam record straight to vinyl at Third Man Records with Jack White

“There’s just a coolness about him, and there’s a coolness in his playing that has an intensity that I love,” McCready said.

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February 8, 2017

Pearl Jam is gearing up for a spectacular 2017, which will included the band finally receiving induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Last year, the members had the opportunity to perform and record with the legendary Jack White at White’s Third Man Records Shop in Nashville, TN. Tune in to Pearl Jam Radio (Ch. 22) to hear this special performance along with commentary from Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready on Friday, 2/10 at 6 p.m. ET!

Pearl Jam was on it’s way to Bonnaroo when they decided to make a pit stop to pay a visit to White. The band then performed an intimate concert that was recorded straight to vinyl, and Eddie Vedder even recorded a solo song. White joined Pearl Jam for the encore and even had dueling guitar solos with McCready, something McCready very much enjoyed.

“Jamming with Jack White is really cool. He’s got his EFX and his guitar, and how he plays, and how he attacks it, it’s unlike any other guitar player that’s around,” McCready said. “For me, it was a cool thing to be able to trade licks with him and look at him and see what he was doing and then try to emulate that, or I did it and he would do it back and kind of back and forth, at least that’s how I felt about it.”

White, the former lead singer and guitarist of the White Stripes, has received much acclaim for his prowess on the guitar. McCready saw the session as a learning experience that gave him the opportunity to pick up some new skills from the iconic guitarist.

“I learn from every guitar player I play with, so watching him utilize some of his pedals how he does kind of gave me a few ideas,” McCready said. “So I love learning, and Jack White is a good teacher and also knows how to rock. There’s just a coolness about him, and there’s a coolness in his playing that has an intensity that I love.”

The Third Man special will re-air on Pearl Jam Radio on Friday 2/10 at 6 pm ET; Saturday 2/11 at 8 AM ET; Sunday 2/12 at 1 PM ET; Monday 2/13 at 11 AM ET; Wednesday 2/15 at 7 PM ET; Friday 2/17 at noon ET; and Sunday 2/19 at 6 PM ET

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