Demi Lovato Reveals New ‘Revamped’ Album Featuring 10 Rock Re-Recordings

Demi’s revamped version of “Sorry Not Sorry” features Slash from Guns N’ Roses.

Jackie Kolgraf
July 17, 2023

Demi Lovato just dropped huge news: Her album Revamped, which will include rock re-recordings of her biggest pop hits, comes out September 15.

“When I went to tour [Holy Fvck], I didn’t want to perform songs that were like ‘Sorry Not Sorry,’ that were R&B/pop, in the mix of a rock set because I thought it would throw the audience off,” Demi explained to The Pulse. “I wanted to make the songs more cohesive with what I was performing, so I redid them for my shows. And then I was like, ‘You know what? I should release these and do like a greatest hits kind of album but revamped.’ And so that’s what I did.”

Revamped will include 10 of Demi’s biggest hits, reworked into rock songs. “I always feel weird saying ‘greatest hits,’ but, yeah, they’re my biggest songs,” Demi said on The Morning Mashup.

While most of her songs translated easily from pop to rock, Demi shared that a few stuck out as challenges. “‘Tell Me You Love Me’ was kind of hard because that’s such a soulful record that I had to rework it in a way that fit the record and was familiar and still sung the same but had a rock undertone to it,” she said.

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When it comes to finding inspiration, Demi actually looked back on her teen years, when she was just starting her own music career. “I did grow up in the emo scene and listening to the bands that would play on Warped Tour and all of that,” she said, “so I grew up listening to rock, among other genres of music, but that one I really gravitated to, especially in my early teens.”

Demi’s revamped version of “Sorry Not Sorry” featuring Slash drops today, July 14. This past March, she released “Heart Attack (Rock Version)” and in May, “Cool for the Summer (Rock Version).” Revamped will contain seven other re-recordings.