Jimmy Eat World performs for Alt Nation and plays ping pong with listeners

Jimmy Eat World treated fans to an in-studio performance before teaming up with them for a few rounds of ping pong.

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October 20, 2016

Alt Nation (Ch. 36) listeners were treated to couple hours of fun with Jimmy Eat World. The rock band put on an acoustic performance of songs from its upcoming album, Integrity Blues, as well as some older cuts before challenging the fans to spirited rounds of ping pong.

“I know this is cool, but I know the real reason you’re here is to sport with us,” lead vocalist Jim Adkins joked before performing one of Jimmy Eat World’s biggest hits, The Middle. The band also performed Lucky Denver Mint from the Clarity album and their two latest singles, Get Right and Sure and Certain. Hear the performance and an interview exclusively on Alt Nation (Ch. 36) on 10/20 at 8 pm ET. Integrity Blues is set to be released on Oct. 21.

The mics and guitars were packed up, the ping pong table was moved in, and it was on! Alt Nation’s own Jeff Regan called the action with the focus of a natural-born sportscaster. Adkins suggested that band members should team with listeners for doubles matches, which the fans more than welcomed. The day was highlighted by an intense back and forth contest between guitarist Tom Linton and bassist Rick Burch. Playing with fans as their partners, they went into extra sets with Burch’s team winning 12-10. Burch had to overcome an injury after taking a pong ball to the groin.

While drummer Zach Lind was focused on making sure the listeners had a great time, Adkins had himself a good day with an undefeated record of 3-0.

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