Harry Styles’ Best Music Videos

Take a look back at Harry Styles’ best music videos so far. Get ready to have these hits stuck in your head all week!

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February 1, 2023

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Harry Styles has steadily become one of the biggest names in music today after starting in One Direction in 2010, before going on to be an astronomically successful solo career. Not content with merely slaying the pop scene, he’s even founded a beauty brand, Pleasing, and tried his hand at film roles. Is there anything he can’t do?

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We thought we’d take a look at some of his biggest, most-viewed solo music videos so far. Get ready to have these hits stuck in your head all week!

Harry Styles’ Best Music Videos

“Golden” (2020)

Running along the streets of Italy’s Amalfi Coast, Styles’ charisma has never been so magnetic. Managing to make driving gloves look trendy and amassing 211 million views, this video is a masterclass in cool. After all, who wouldn’t want to frolic around Italy with Harry Styles?


“Watermelon Sugar” (2020)

With parts of the video shot on an Arri SR3 camera to give it a more authentic vintage look, Styles’ team really committed to the throwback vibe for this one. In 2021, “Watermelon Sugar” won a GRAMMY for Best Pop Solo Performance, and Styles gave us a live rendition of the song at a SiriusXM Secret Session back in 2020. The sun-drenched video captures this song’s summery vibe, and the visuals are a heavy-handed nod to the double entendre at the heart of the lyrics.


“Music For A Sushi Restaurant” (2022)

Styles took a turn to the absurd for this video. It features the singer as a mermaid-like creature who performs in the titular restaurant to avoid meeting a gruesome end. This visually striking comment on the nature of fame is probably the most out-there of Styles’ work so far, and thoroughly entertaining.


“Adore You” (2020)

The second single to be released from Fine Line, “Adore You” has racked up its 350 million views with the help of a particularly interesting — and peculiar — video. Narrated by Rosalía, the video sees Styles rescue and befriend a fish out of water. He cares for it until it has outgrown his help, leaving Styles to pop it back into the sea to find its friends again. Another unusual, marine-themed video that we can’t get enough of!

You can watch the live performance of this track at the SiriusXM studios on our YouTube channel.


“As It Was” (2022)

The first single from Harry’s House crashed into our lives in April 2022, along with excitement for his third solo album. The matching outfits, the choreography, that heartbreaking look into the camera? Though the song itself is filled with melancholy, the exuberant joy in the video from 2:18 onwards is incredible — so much so that it won the MTV Video Music Awards for Best Pop Video and Best Cinematography!


“Sign of the Times” (2017)

This is Styles’ most-viewed video so far, with an enormous 1 billion views. “Sign of the Times” was the first single from his self-titled debut album, and it started his solo career off on a high. Filmed on the Isle of Skye, Styles’ stunts reportedly involved him flying higher than 470 meters off the ground, and his career has been soaring ever since!

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