This 10-year-old metal singer is more brutal than you’ll ever be

Harper — who recently shook the world with an epic ‘America’s Got Talent’ performance — talked about her music with “Metal Ambassador” Jose Mangin.

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Quinn Villarreal
July 8, 2022

“It’s like you have a monster inside!” Sofía Vergara exclaimed.

10-year old metal vocalist Harper shook the world in her America’s Got Talent performance of “Holy Roller” by Spiritbox. Receiving a standing ovation and making it to the next round of AGT, Harper is quickly being noticed by the industry’s top talent and metal fanbase — including “Metal Ambassador” and SiriusXM host Jose Mangin.

Harper recently joined Jose for a Liquid Metal Takeover and, among other things, talked about her epic AGT performance:

“On America’s Got Talent, I called [Courtney LaPlante] because I was so nervous before going on stage with a big crowd. And she told me, ‘Try not to look at the people, and just get on with the singing. [Imagine] you’re just singing with your family.'”

Harper also recalled performing “Holy Roller” with Courtney LaPlante in London. “It was a big experience. I really didn’t think I was going to go on stage with Courtney and sing her song.”

Harper has gone on to sign with Pale Chord Records and released a brutal new track, “Falling,” alongside progressive metalcore vet Chris Wiseman (Currents, Shadow Of Intent).

Wiseman wrote and produced all instrumentals with help from Harper’s stepdad, Ben Lumber, who got Harper into metal. “He’s a metal singer. He has his own band (Acres) and he’s been begging me to do this for ages (laughs).” Ben has been in Harper’s life since she was one, and has had a huge influence in her love for metal, fueling the world’s newest unclean vocalist.

Harper told Jose Mangin for Liquid Metal that more music is to come, and that she would love to be in a metal band and tour the world (especially for the traveling aspect).

“Really, I just want to have more progress from where I am right now, and just make a big difference,” Harper said.

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