Big deal alert: Chris Robinson has major Black Crowes news

Speaking to Ari Fink for Jam On (Ch. 29), Robinson explained why now is the time to revive these particular songs.

Caitlin Carter
January 9, 2018

Chris Robinson is ready to breathe new life into the songs he co-wrote as frontman of The Black Crowes. The prolific band broke up in 2015, but things have changed since then. The world is much more divided and in need of some positivity, which is why Robinson is ready to once again sing those classic songs like She Talks To Angels, Remedy, Jealous Again, Twice As Hard, Sometimes Salvation and others.

Robinson has gathered five musicians whose musical journeys intertwine with The Black Crowes, including guitarists Marcus King and Audley Freed, keyboardist Adam MacDougall, bassist Andy Hess and drummer Tony Leone. Appropriately calling the band As The Crow Flies, Robinson and company will perform shows consisting of music from throughout The Black Crowes’ history at a handful of select U.S. dates in Spring 2018, while in-between tours with his primary outfit, the Chris Robinson Brotherhood.

Speaking to SiriusXM host Ari Fink for Jam On (Ch. 29), Robinson explained why now is the time to revive these particular songs, how his new project As The Crow Flies is just “another adventure,” how The Black Crowes’ songs will be presented live, and more.

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