Bruce Dickinson on becoming Iron Maiden’s frontman, his throat cancer diagnosis & more

Bruce Dickinson sat down with Eddie Trunk to talk about the singer’s new autobiography, What Does This Button Do?

Caitlin Carter
November 8, 2017

When Eddie Trunk was first getting into radio, he got a copy of Iron Maiden’s The Number of The Beast signed by their new frontman, Bruce Dickinson. Thirty-five years and many interviews later, the two sat down to talk about the singer’s new autobiography What Does This Button Do?, a first-hand look at the private band’s inner workings and Dickinson’s life both in and outside of the group.

During his interview on VOLUME’s (Ch.106) Trunk Nation, Dickinson revealed the meaning behind the book’s title, his editing process, how his throat cancer diagnosis influenced his decision to write a book and more behind-the-scenes details.

He also recalled why he decided he wanted to audition for the band (“It was blindingly obvious to me that the noises they were making and the musicality of it and everything else, it was like ‘I should be singing for those guys.’”), what it was like performing in war-torn Sarajevo in 1994, how he got the nickname The Air Raid Siren, why the Iron Maiden ended up with a Vincent Price sound-alike for the intro on The Number of The Beast, and much more!

You can hear the full interview on SiriusXM VOLUME (Ch. 106) and On Demand. Watch the live stream below!