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In a word—everything. Ad-free music, plus the best in sports, talk, and comedy. When and where you want to listen. (Some features may not be available on certain devices.)

Listen to Conan O'Brien needs a friend on the SXM App
Effortless listening

Play your favorite sounds on your phone and home devices, including smart speakers, TVs, and more.

Kane Brown Artist Station on SiriusXM App
Custom artist stations

Create music-only streaming stations inspired by an artist or band you like.

SiriusXM App open to Howard Stern Interviews on video
Watch what you’ve been hearing

Tap into a wealth of SiriusXM video, featuring in-studio interviews and live performances.

Howard Stern
Howard Stern

Get two Howard Stern channels, on-demand episodes, and access to his exclusive video library featuring his A-list guests.

Tinx wearing headphones and talking into microphone
Live and original shows plus popular podcasts

Catch live NFL, MLB®, NBA, NHL®, and NCAA® games—plus celebrity-hosted shows, premium podcast series, and more.

Surf Instrumentals, 50s/60s Pop Hits, The Big Easy, Happy Radio, Nashville Nation, New Music Mash, Salsa Party, SiriusXM Fly Party, Nitro Channel Logos
Music channels for every mood

Find music curated by genre and decade to set the tone for any activity—like a vigorous workout, a celebration, or just a quiet night in.

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It’s FREE and included with your trial subscription—so you can take your favorite channels from the car to your home, office, or wherever you choose to go!

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98 Degrees

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Text the word APP to 58932 to receive a one-time text message with a link to download the Free SiriusXM app. Message and Data rates may apply. See SMS Terms & Conditions at www.siriusxm.com/sms.

Listen to SiriusXM at home on tons of connected devices you already own—it’s free and included in your trial subscription.

With the SiriusXM app you can play SiriusXM on home devices you already own—all with the same SiriusXM login!

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Enjoy SiriusXM on your computer

Already loving SiriusXM in your new car? Don’t stop there. Tap into your favorite channels plus many more, as well as exclusive streaming-only programming and On Demand talks and performances, via your PC.

Smart TV playing Radio Andy on SiriusXM
Rock your TV with the SiriusXM app

Accessing SiriusXM’s wide variety of great entertainment at home is easier than ever on your smart TV, Roku, Apple TV, or PlayStation 3 or 4. It only takes a few quick steps to get started. (Some features may not be available on certain devices.)

Amazon Dot sitting on wooden counter
Play SiriusXM on connected devices

Accessing SiriusXM’s wide variety of great entertainment at home is easier than ever on your smart TV, Roku, Apple TV, or PlayStation 3 or 4. It only takes a few quick steps to get started. (Some features may not be available on certain devices.)

What else do I need to know?

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    Access My AccountWhen does my trial end?
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    Subscribe Now. See Details.Will I lose my trial if I subscribe now?
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    See DevicesWhat devices can I use to listen on the SiriusXM app?
Can I call someone if I have more questions?

Yep! Just call us at (855) 851-8747 if you have a question, need help, or just want to learn more about SiriusXM and your trial subscription. Be sure to check out the FAQ section below for quick answers to common questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I want to go ahead and subscribe now, will I lose what’s left of my trial subscription?

No. Subscribe now (or at any time during your trial subscription) and you will still enjoy every bit of your trial subscription time. You will NOT be charged for the plan you choose...

How do I send a refresh signal to my radio?

If your trial subscription is not yet active, or if you’re not receiving all the channels you should be getting, your radio may need a refresh signal. You can have one sent in just a few moments! ...

How will I know when my trial subscription is ending?

The length of your trial subscription depends on the vehicle you’ve purchased or leased. If we have your correct contact info on file, we will send you notices when the end of your trial subscription...

How do I add my new vehicle to my existing SiriusXM account, or transfer service from my old vehicle to my new one?

It’s easy! Click the link below to get started or contact us today at (866) 635-2489 and we’ll help you add your new radio to your account, remove any old radios you no longer have...