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Enjoy SiriusXM Anywhere, Anytime

SiriusXM has something for everyone. Enjoy a wide variety of ad-free music, plus sports, news, talk, and comedy. Listen in the car and on the SiriusXM app.

Pandora Stations. Xtra Channels. SXM Video.

Many ways to make listening better than ever


Stream SiriusXM When and How You Choose

Use the SiriusXM app to play all of your favorite SiriusXM content on your phone and other connected devices.

  • Hear thousands of hours of archived performances and podcasts.
  • Play SiriusXM on the go and at home with your smart TVs and speakers, Alexa-enabled devices, and more.
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Personalized stations powered by Pandora

Personalized Stations Created by You

We’ve brought the power of Pandora into the SiriusXM app, so subscribers with a Platinum Plan can create customized ad-free music stations.

  • Start your station from an artist or song you’re listening to.
  • Give a thumbs up or thumbs down to the songs that follow to customize your new station just the way you want it.
How to Create Stations
Xtra Channels

Music for Every Mood

Listen to 100+ ad-free, streaming-only channels to enjoy an even greater variety of music in every style and decade.
  • Hear music that fits the moment, whether it’s a vigorous workout or a quiet night in.
  • Play channels made to soundtrack your barbecue, party, and other special occasions.
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SXM Video

Watch What You’ve Been Hearing

Tap into a wealth of exclusive SiriusXM video from your favorite shows, featuring in-studio guests and live performances.
  • Watch groundbreaking interviews and other can’t-miss moments.
  • Explore the exclusive Howard Stern video library.
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Start listening to your favorite channels right now

Recommended Channels
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Radio Andy
Andy Cohen & Pop Culture XL
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The Highway
Country’s Next Generation
Shows & Schedules
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Howard 100
The Howard Stern Show–XL
Shows & Schedules
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Netflix Is A Joke Radio
Netflix standup & talk XL
Shows & Schedules
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SiriusXM Hits 1
Today's Pop Hits
Shows & Schedules
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U2 X-Radio
The Whole World of U2
Shows & Schedules
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ESPN Radio
Sports Talk from ESPN
Shows & Schedules
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Enjoy SiriusXM on the go!

Play SiriusXM on all your smart mobile and home devices, including Amazon Alexa, Google Hub, and more.
Learn how to set up devices to stream.

Download the SiriusXM App and take us anywhere

Text "SIRIUSXM" to 77917 to receive a link to download the app on your phone.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Xtra channels?

Exclusive to your SiriusXM subscription, we’ve added 100+ streaming-only, ad-free music channels designed to give you more variety than ever in your favorite music decade or style—and to make it

What are “Smart Recommendations” and how do they work?

Select “Discover” from the bottom app navigation. Then scroll down within the “For You” section of the app and you will find carousels of channel and show recommendations. Just swipe a carousel to

How do I stream SiriusXM?

You get 100+ additional streaming-only channels and thousands of hours of podcasts and other on-demand content when you download the SiriusXM app. Listen to SiriusXM from

How can I set show reminders?

Don’t miss a moment of that show you want to hear. Simply press the “Set Reminder” button beneath the name of a show on Talk and Sports channels and you will receive a notification message on your

I have multiple accounts, how do I set up additional credentials?

Sign in to “Manage My Account” by clicking “Sign In” from the website navigation menu at the top of the site. Set up a username and password for every account you have. Once your