Celebrate Bruce’s birthday with favorite Springsteen songs from Little Steven, Original VJs and more

Bruce Springsteen turns 67 years old on Sept. 23, and in celebration, hosts from across SiriusXM to shared their favorite Springsteen songs and why they love them.

Caitlin Carter
September 20, 2016

Bruce Springsteen turns 67 years old on Sept. 23, and he’s set to celebrate in a big way, releasing Chapter and Verse, a career-spanning compilation containing unreleased songs, on his birthday. Shortly after, on Sept. 27, his highly anticipated autobiography, Born to Run, will hit the shelves as he hits the road on a book tour. This follows The River Tour being named the highest grossing tour of 2016 (so far), also making it one of the biggest tours of his career.

All this inspired hosts from across SiriusXM to share their favorite Springsteen songs and why they love them.

Restless Nights – ‘Little Steven’ Van Zandt (Underground Garage)

“Restless Nights kind of combines the Zombies and the Animals. It would have been a hit in the ’60s, and I can think of no higher standard for a record than that.” (Producer of Underground Garage, Ch. 21)

Born to Run – Alan Hunter (80s on 8)

“His most iconic song and still the best explanation to aliens who Springsteen is.” (Host of ’80s on 8 with Alan Hunter, Ch. 8)

Brilliant Disguise – Martha Quinn (80s on 8)

“It conveys deep, raw emotion in a relatively simplistic style… not heavily produced.. just bare bones honesty.”  (Original MTV VJ and Big 80s Host, Ch. 8)

I’m On Fire – Genya Ravan (Underground Garage)

“It’s a rockers dream song.” (Host of Chicks and Broads on Underground Garage, Ch. 21)

Badlands – Handsome Dick Manitoba (Underground Garage)

“Although not necessarily my absolute favorite Bruce song ever, it is one that is so emotionally powerful that it has actually affected my life to the point where when I was sad and down and out, this particular song actually lifted me up and proved to me how powerful music can be.” (Host of The Handsome Dick Manitoba Program on Underground Garage, Ch. 21

Girls In Their Summer Clothes – Palmyra Delran (Underground Garage)

“There’s something beautifully sad about this song, and it gives me goosebumps every time I hear it.” (Host of The Palmyra Delran Program on Underground Garage, Ch. 21)

Prove It All Night – Bill Kelly, Michael Des Barres (Underground Garage)

“As slick and melodic as the song is, it oozes the primal ethos of troglodytes writhing under an Aphrodite Moon.”  (Host of Bill Kelly’s Blackhole Bandstand on Underground Garage, Ch. 21)

“Sensual and sinewy, it combines Springsteen’s pop sensibility with his innate rock and roll instincts.”(Host of The Michael Des Barres Program on Underground Garage, Ch. 21

Lost In The Flood – Chris Carter (Underground Garage)

“These five minutes and thirteen seconds contain my favorite Bruce lyrics, my favorite Bruce singing, and my favorite Bruce music…(brilliant).” (Host of Chris Carter’s British Invasion on Underground Garage, Ch. 21)

Thunder Road – Speedie John (Underground Garage)

“One of the first rock ‘n’ roll 45’s that I ever owned was Roy Orbison’s Only The Lonely.” (Host of The Speedie John Program on Underground Garage, Ch. 21)

The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle/Side 2 –  Kid Leo (Underground Garage)

“It’s rock ‘n’ roll’s West Side Story.” (Host of The Kid Leo Program, Programmer Director of Underground Garage, Ch. 21)

 Growin’ Up – Vincent Usuriello (E Street Radio)

My favorite Bruce song is Growin’ Up because I think it’s his first masterpiece. Bruce has a lot of great songs, but this one comes from his first album, Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ, when he was a young, hungry, up-and-coming artist from New Jersey. It’s filled with beautiful poetry and punk rock angst! There are many versions of this song, but the one I love best is when Bruce tells this elaborate story during the live performance. Sometimes it’s about his parents wanting an author or a lawyer and having to settle for rock ‘n’ roll! Other times he’s with Clarence talking to God about what to do in life. God’s advice was three words… Let It Rock!! I just love this song so much and it’s a fitting song to play on someone’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Bruce!! (Programming Director of E Street Radio, Ch. 20)

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