Watch Phoebe Bridgers cover Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Stolen Car’ in New Jersey

Phoebe Bridgers paid tribute to New Jersey legend Bruce Springsteen by covering his song “Stolen Car” off his album ‘The River’ (1980).

Matt Simeone
June 14, 2022

Getty Images

Phoebe Bridgers stopped by Asbury Park, NJ, to perform there for the first time since 2018 — and once again the GRAMMY nominee (and SiriusXM host) paid tribute to “Garden State” legend Bruce Springsteen by covering one of his songs.

During the encore of her 16-song set at the storied Stone Pony, Bridgers performed The Boss’s “Stolen Car,” one of the many tracks on his beloved record The River (1980). The 27-year-old indie star played favorites from her first two albums, Stranger in the Alps and the GRAMMY-nominated Punisher, before launching into her encore by gently strumming the Springsteen track and mentioning she was inspired by Patty Griffin’s cover of the song on the 2002 album 1000 Kisses. Bridgers previously covered Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire” in Asbury Park in 2018.

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Watch Bridgers’s “Stolen Car” rendition below, and check out her monthly show, Saddest Factory Radio, exclusively on SiriusXM.

phoebe did a cover of stolen car by bruce for the encore at asbury park (and waiting room) from phoebebridgers

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