Nancy Pelosi: Ukraine is fighting for the same democracy that the US is undermining

Nancy Pelosi spoke with Joe Madison on SiriusXM about the irony of Ukraine fighting for the very democracy many US politicians are working to undermine.

Jackie Kolgraf
March 1, 2022

Getty Images

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi joined SiriusXM Urban View (Ch. 126) host Joe Madison to discuss the ongoing fight for democracy — in both Ukraine and the United States.

Pelosi told Madison that she is “very angry at people who don’t vote for the Child Tax Credit” and “cannot tolerate those who undermine our democracy when they will not support voting rights.”

She went on to say that the continued dismantling of voting rights undermines United States democracy. “Again, we can have our disagreements about the national budget,” she explained about her fellow congresspeople, “But we cannot disagree as to whether we are democracy for all Americans and that we are not making it harder for people of color, people in certain neighborhoods, and the rest to vote.”

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The fight to maintain a fair democracy in the US at the same time as Ukrainians fight Russia to access that very same democracy for themselves is, as Madison puts it, ironic. “Isn’t it ironic how we’re watching people in the Ukraine fight for that type of democracy, for that vote? And then not being able to convince the other side in the Senate, you know, that all they had to do — I mean, that is the irony of it,” Madison pointed out.

Pelosi then said that when she and Barbara Lee were at the Munich Security Conference and spoke of democracy in Ukraine, people were more interested in how democracy was being sustained in the US.

“It’s sustained with the vote. As simple as that’s. It’s sustained with the vote,” Madison said.

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