Eminem praises Dr. Dre’s Halftime Show vision, calls Kendrick Lamar all-time great

Ahead of his performance at the Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show, Eminem speaks with Sway Calloway about who he’s rooting for, Kendrick Lamar and what to expect from the show.

Jackie Kolgraf
February 11, 2022

Ahead of what might be one of the most highly anticipated Super Bowl Halftime Shows ever — featuring performances by Eminem Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg and Mary J. Blige — Sway Calloway spoke with Eminem to find out how the rapper is feeling and what to expect. Hear the full interview on Eminem’s SiriusXM channel, Shade 45 (Ch. 45), on February 11 at 7pm ET, or stream it anytime on the SXM App now. Scroll down to watch clips from the conversation now, as well.

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First and foremost, Eminem made it known that he and all of Detroit are rooting for Matt Stafford and the Los Angeles Rams. “Stafford — first of all, we feel like this is the closest we’ll get to a Super Bowl, is through Matt Stafford,” he explained. “So, it’s a perfect scenario where I can root for a team that I like because of Matt Stafford and the Detroit connection.”

When Dr. Dre first approached Eminem with the Halftime Show idea, Eminem said, “I was trying to envision what Dre might do. I was thinking, like, ‘Yeah, it’s dope that all of us are going to rap together,’ right? And that kind of thing, but I didn’t expect the production to be like this. So, I was kind of blown away the first time I seen [sic] it. … Once you see it, it’s just different.”

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At halftime during Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles on February 13, tune in to Shade 45 live to hear the entire Pepsi Halftime Show. Listen as hip-hop legends Eminem, Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg and Mary J. Blige deliver a once-in-a-lifetime performance!

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