Hear Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds’ Riviera Maya Shows on Dave Matthews Band Radio

These unforgettable performances featured new material from the upcoming Dave Matthews Band album.

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March 22, 2023

Credit: Dave Matthews Band

Keep up with Dave’s busy 2023 schedule on his exclusive SiriusXM channel, where you can hear his latest performances and brand-new material. The ‘Dave & Tim Mexico Premiere Series’ continues this weekend with another concert debut on Dave Matthews Band Radio (Ch. 30).

Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds just wrapped up their annual run of shows in Riviera Maya, Mexico. These unforgettable performances featured brand-new, never-heard-before material from the upcoming Dave Matthews Band album, reimagined fan favorites, and classic sing-alongs. Check out the broadcast schedule below.

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Dave & Tim’s Mexico Premiere Series Schedule

Dave & Tim 2.17.23 Riviera Maya Mexico 

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Dave & Tim 2.18.23 Riviera Maya Mexico

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Dave & Tim 2.19.23 Riviera Maya Mexico

Friday 3/24 @ 8pm ET (Premiere)

Saturday 3/25 @ 11am ET & 5pm ET (encore)

Sunday 3/26 @ 9am ET & 3pm ET (encore)

Monday 3/27 @ 1am ET & 12pm ET (encore)

Tuesday 3/28 @ 4pm ET (final encore airing)

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