Camila Cabello Describes New ‘C,XOXO’ Album as ‘Miami Baddie Energy’

Camila tells SiriusXM Hits 1 what fans can expect from her fourth studio album.

Jackie Kolgraf
May 13, 2024

“This album is very inspired by Miami,” Camila Cabello revealed exclusively to SiriusXM Hits 1 Miami hosts Mack & Jen about her forthcoming album “C,XOXO,” due out June 28.

Camila confirmed one track on “C,XOXO” even has “Dade County” in the title, and the three words she chose to describe the album were “Miami baddie energy.”

In terms of collaborators, Camila said she primarily worked with El Guincho and Jasper Harris on this body of work. “The three of us kind of hunkered down, and we just made it kind of, like, you know, as a little three-piece little band,” she said.

On “C,XOXO,” Camila said fans can expect “things that you haven’t heard from [her] before” and “a lot of like, ‘Oh, what is that?’ moments — sonically, lyrically.”

“I always talk about relationships and things that have happened to me,” she added. “I think there’s some bars.”

Camila also said she wants to play the new album for both Charli XCX, whom she worked with on the song “Scar Tissue,” and Lana Del Rey, whom she performed “I LUV IT” with at Coachella.

“I could just tell she’s one of those people — which I really respect, it’s like, she just does things from the love of her heart,” Camila said of Lana. “She really loved that song, and she likes my music … But, you know, the fact that she invited me, it’s just, like, with no ulterior motive other than to support me and because she likes something. And I just think having that kind of passion for music and that kind of pure intention when you’ve been in the music industry for so long, it’s really rare.”