Brett Favre shares his favorite Andy Reid story during his SiriusXM debut

Andy Reid was a tough coach, but he could provide a laugh or two as well – even if it wasn’t his intention.

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September 6, 2016

When legendary NFL quarterback Brett Favre found out Andy Reid would be his quarterbacks coach back in 1997, it’s safe to say he wasn’t thrilled about the news.

Favre told the story during August’s Town Hall event, kicking off his hosting gig on SiriusXM NFL Radio’s “The Blitz” every Monday at 11 a.m. ET on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Channel 88.

“This is awful, this guy is a grinder,” Favre recalled before eventually warming to his new coach. “I ended up loving Andy. Andy was awesome.”

It may have helped that Reid provided some big laughs, even when it was unintentional.

Favre, now a SiriusXM NFL Radio host, recalled a rather heated but funny nonetheless moment between Reid and a member of an NFL chain crew. Reid found himself tangled with a chain gang member about the same size as him (“chunky as Favre describes it), and it didn’t take long before some jostling turned into name-calling.

“Andy’s like, ‘Hey, get off the cord, you fat ass,” Favre said. “And the guy looks at Andy and he says, ‘hey, who are you calling a fat ass?'”

At least Reid sounds like  he knows when to call a loss a loss.”Andy’s like, ‘hey, fair enough.'”

“Andy’s like, ‘hey, fair enough.'”

Watch below:

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