WATCH: Bill Nye the Science Guy on the biggest threat to our planet

Nye also explained how humans are still evolving.

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November 1, 2017

Bill Nye the Science Guy talks about things science when he stops by the SiriusXM studios in NYC.

The Science Guy.

A simple phrase for such a big personality who has educated millions on the importance and sheer excitement of science. As Bill Nye enters a new phase of his career — educating adults — he looked SiriusXM host Pete Dominick in the eye to answer some of the more pressing questions about the world around us.

“Are those of us who are bald more evolved?” Dominick asked with a sparkle of hope as light reflected off his bald head.

“My understanding is, bald are in the mix. I don’t know if you’re more evolved. But humans are still evolving,” Nye explained to Dominick’s disappointment.

Nye also revealed what he believes to be the biggest scientific threat to our planet.

“A meteor, an astroid that hit the Earth,” Nye said. “That’d be bad. It happened to the ancient dinosaurs.”

“There is no evidence that the ancient dinosaurs had a space program. If they did, it was not effective enough against an incoming. But we could, if we were thoughtful. We could set up a spaceship to give it a nudge.”

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