16 of the Best True-Crime Podcasts to Stream Now

From cold cases cracked open to in-depth investigations into the criminal justice system.

Sophia Macrae
May 13, 2024

Welcome to the thrilling world of true crime, where every twist and turn is as unpredictable as it is enthralling.

At SiriusXM, we know an excellent crime podcast when we hear one, and we’ve curated the perfect list for you. From cold cases cracked open to in-depth investigations into the criminal justice system, we’ve got something for everyone. So, whether you’re a seasoned sleuth or a newbie to the genre, get ready to delve into the best true-crime podcasts.

1. Last Update on the Left 

Since 2011, “Last Podcast on the Left” has explored cases of serial killers, cults, and much more. Now, with “Last Update on the Left,” the team is looking back at previous episode topics and reexamining them. With much more experience than when they first started, they give audiences a fresh perspective on their most popular episodes. 

2. Crime Junkie

Hosted by Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat, “Crime Junkie” provides a straightforward, narrative-driven exploration of both high-profile and lesser-known true-crime stories. Focusing on each case’s important details and implications, this podcast offers an insightful look at criminals and their victims. 

3. Crime Junkie AF

If you can’t get enough of “Crime Junkie,” then “Crime Junkie AF” is for you! This show gives listeners the opportunity to dive headfirst with Ashley Flowers into cases that are happening in real-time as she interviews special guests on their thoughts and perspectives.

For even more Ashley Flowers content, listen to her exclusive SiriusXM channel, Crime Junkie Radio.

4. The Deck

In a last-ditch effort to solve cases, law enforcement agencies made decks of playing cards containing victims’ faces. These cards were then circulated in prisons, hoping that someone would have answers. Now, in “The Deck,” Ashley Flowers works with investigators and victims’ family members to look at these cards and try to solve the cases they represent.  

5. The Deck Investigates

“The Deck Investigates” focuses on one cold case throughout an entire season. Last year, Ashley Flowers looked back to 1984 at the unsolved case of Darlene Hulse, who was forcibly taken from her home and brutally murdered. With exclusive interviews and newly uncovered case details, Ashley hoped to finally bring justice to Darlene and her family.

6. Dark Downeast

With a specific focus on Maine and the whole New England region, “Dark Downeast” delves into the unsolved crimes and mysteries of that area. Using her journalism background and her passion for storytelling, creator and host Kylie Low takes listeners along on a journey to help bring justice and answers to victims’ families.

7. Anatomy of a Murder

Former homicide prosecutor Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi teams up with former deputy sheriff Scott Weinberger to give you an inside perspective of homicide cases across America. If you want to pull back the curtain and see how these cases are dealt with, “Anatomy of a Murder” is the podcast for you.

8. 48 Hours

Just like the TV show of the same name, “48 Hours” leads in-depth investigations into complex murder cases. With the help of award-winning CBS News correspondents, this podcast has been able to open and close cold cases as well as exonerate wrongly-convicted people. 

9. Morbid

Blending horror with humor, “Morbid” looks at a wide range of true-crime cases and their creepy history. Autopsy technician Alaina Urquhart is joined by her niece, hairdresser Ash Kell, to look at all things spooky with a comedic twist. If you want a slightly lighter approach to the macabre, check out “Morbid.”

10. Dateline NBC

A podcast version of its popular TV show namesake, “Dateline NBC” provides detailed and compelling accounts of true-crime investigations, as well as additional deep dives into the twists and turns of each featured story. For fans of the TV show, this podcast is the perfect way to listen along!

The Law&Crime channel on SiriusXM features multiple live trials daily along with expert legal commentary and analysis.

11. Rotten Mango

“Rotten Mango” reviews lesser-known international crime stories to bring them the attention they deserve. This podcast focuses on connecting its community through empathy, storytelling, and a love for true crime. 

12. 20/20

Based on the TV series of the same name, “20/20” is filled with hard-hitting coverage of high-profile criminal cases. With exclusive interviews and in-depth reports, host David Muir directly brings you the most unbelievable and intense crime stories.

13. Small Town Murder

“Small Town Murder” tackles the true-crime genre with a humorous perspective. Hosted by comedians James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman, each episode explores a small town and a murder that took place there. With a bold mix of tragedy, research, and comedy, this podcast has a little bit of something for everyone. 

14. True Crime All The Time

Mike Ferguson and Mike Gibson delve into a mix of famous and lesser-known cases to see why killers do what they do. “True Crime All The Time” has plenty of content for new fans to binge and for old fans to rediscover. 

15. SERIALously

With “SERIALously,” YouTuber Annie Elise discusses true-crime cases in an engaging and conversational way. With her trademark honesty, Annie takes her listeners on a journey, combining research with curiosity about the cases she’s exploring.

16. Sword and Scale 

Known for its intense storytelling, “Sword and Scale” delves into detailed narratives about murder, crime, and true horror. Using raw, uncensored audio, the podcast lets listeners in on 911 calls, court testimonies, and interviews in order to truly understand the cases.