‘Last Update On The Left’ Series Expands on Past Episodes of ‘Last Podcast On The Left’

The series is available exclusively to SiriusXM subscribers.

Jackie Kolgraf
April 18, 2024

Hosted by Henry Zebrowski, Marcus Parks, and Ed Larson, the “Last Update On The Left” series takes a look back over the 13-year history of the chart-topping comedy horror podcast “Last Podcast On The Left” to answer the question: Where are these horrible people now?

Last Update On The Left

How to listen

The series is available exclusively to SiriusXM subscribers. New episodes drop Tuesdays on the SiriusXM app and in vehicles equipped with SiriusXM 360L radios.

What you’ll hear

Each week on the “Last Update On The Left,” Henry, Marcus, and Ed dive back in to add more to the stories they left behind, giving a new look at an old take and reexamining past topics.

Episodes go over new information that has been released, plot-changing events that have transpired, or things the hosts just know more about than in their early days recording in mold-filled basements.

Episode Guide

April 17, 2024 Lord RayEl REVISITED
April 24, 2024 Enfield Poltergeist STRIKES BACK
May 1, 2024 Columbine
May 7, 2024 Mark David Chapman
May 15, 2024 O.J. Simpson REVISITED
May 22, 2024 The Bridgewater Triangle LIVE
May 28, 2024 Waco: REDUX
June 4, 2024 BTK RETURNS

About the hosts

Henry Zebrowski (Adult Swim, Netflix, HBO, NBC) is an actor, comedian, and podcaster. He is desperate to meet an alien or get a large dinner.

Marcus Parks is a demented academic and gleeful observer of all things ghoulish. Marcus pores over the disturbing data and horrifying accounts of true crime and creepy cryptids.

Ed Larson is a comedian, actor, and joke writer. He has been writing for roasts of all sorts on Comedy Central, Netflix, and The Friar’s Club for a decade. His current passion is disrupting genuine conversation, a perfect fit for Marcus and Henry.

Last Podcast On The Left

Every week on “Last Podcast On The Left,” Henry Zebrowski and Marcus Parks explore the horrors of the world both imagined and real. Since launching in 2011, the podcast has garnered 700 million downloads and regularly ranks among the most-listened-to podcasts, according to Edison Research.