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SiriusXM on Comcast

Comcast Remote and TV
Comcast Remote and TV

Play SiriusXM Audio and Video via Comcast

With Comcast, it’s easy to access the wide variety of content that comes with your SiriusXM subscription—so you can kick back and enjoy your favorite channels and shows at home.

To Play SiriusXM on Comcast:

  1. Select Menu on your TV remote.

  2. Choose the Apps option.

  3. Find the SiriusXM app and press OK then enter your SiriusXM streaming credentials.

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Dad and Son use their Comcast Remote to play SiriusXM

Listen Live or On Demand

Streaming SiriusXM lets you catch up on all kinds of content you weren’t able to listen to live, including an eclectic podcast collection plus exclusive in-studio artist performances and celebrity interviews.

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Why does SiriusXM stop after a while when you’ve been listening online or on the app?

We do this so we’re not streaming to computers or mobile devices that have no listeners—and so that folks who are listening can enjoy optimum performance. If you receive a pop-up notice asking if you’re still listening, just select “Keep Listening” and audio will resume. Otherwise, the player will shut down within 5 minutes of the alert.

Does SiriusXM offer streaming-only plans?

Absolutely. SiriusXM offers streaming-only subscriptions that let you listen on computers, tablets, phones, and other enabled at-home devices with the SiriusXM app. No satellite radio required.

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