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Celebrate 100 Years of the NFL

It’s football’s rich history. One episode at a time. Catch NFL 100 Greatest and celebrate 100 years of the NFL with a series of 20 episodes highlighting the league’s greatest moments and personalities.

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Thu, Oct 17 9:00 PM ET UCLA @ Stanford
Fri, Oct 18 6:30 PM ET Marshall @ Florida Atlantic
Fri, Oct 18 7:00 PM ET Pittsburgh @ Syracuse
Thu, Oct 17 8:20 PM ET Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos
Sun, Oct 20 1:00 PM ET Arizona Cardinals @ New York Giants
Sun, Oct 20 1:00 PM ET Oakland Raiders @ Green Bay Packers
Thu, Oct 17 8:08 PM ET Houston Astros @ New York Yankees
Fri, Oct 18 7:08 PM ET Houston Astros @ New York Yankees
Sat, Oct 19 8:08 PM ET New York Yankees @ Houston Astros
Sat, Oct 19 2:30 PM ET Kansas Lottery 300
Sun, Oct 20 1:30 PM ET Hollywood Casino 400
Sat, Oct 26 1:30 PM ET Texas Roadhouse 200

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