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College Football Schedule

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Mon, Dec 17 8:15 PM ET New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers
Sat, Dec 22 4:30 PM ET Washington Redskins @ Tennessee Titans
Sat, Dec 22 8:20 PM ET Baltimore Ravens @ Los Angeles Chargers
Tue, Dec 18 7:00 PM ET Alabama-Birmingham @ Northern Illinois
Wed, Dec 19 8:00 PM ET San Diego State @ Ohio University
Thu, Dec 20 8:00 PM ET Marshall @ South Florida
Mon, Dec 17 7:00 PM ET Davidson @ Wake Forest
Mon, Dec 17 7:00 PM ET Southeast Missouri State @ Florida State
Mon, Dec 17 7:00 PM ET Arizona State @ Vanderbilt
Mon, Dec 17 7:00 PM ET Milwaukee Bucks @ Detroit Pistons
Mon, Dec 17 7:30 PM ET Phoenix Suns @ New York Knicks
Mon, Dec 17 8:00 PM ET Chicago Bulls @ Oklahoma City Thunder

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