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Tue, Aug 4 2:10 PM ET Pittsburgh Pirates @ Minnesota Twins
Tue, Aug 4 6:10 PM ET Cleveland Indians @ Cincinnati Reds
Tue, Aug 4 6:40 PM ET Boston Red Sox @ Tampa Bay Rays
Tue, Aug 4 1:30 PM ET Brooklyn Nets @ Milwaukee Bucks
Tue, Aug 4 2:30 PM ET Dallas Mavericks @ Sacramento Kings
Tue, Aug 4 4:00 PM ET Phoenix Suns @ Los Angeles Clippers
Tue, Aug 4 2:30 PM ET Arizona Coyotes @ Nashville Predators
Tue, Aug 4 4:00 PM ET Columbus Blue Jackets @ Toronto Maple Leafs
Tue, Aug 4 6:45 PM ET Calgary Flames @ Winnipeg Jets
Tue, Aug 4 2:45 PM ET Fulham @ Brentford
Wed, Aug 5 8:00 PM ET Portland Timbers @ Philadelphia Union
Thu, Aug 6 8:00 PM ET Minnesota United @ Orlando City SC

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