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College Football Schedule

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Thu, Nov 15 8:20 PM ET Green Bay Packers @ Seattle Seahawks
Sun, Nov 18 1:00 PM ET Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens
Sun, Nov 18 1:00 PM ET Dallas Cowboys @ Atlanta Falcons
Thu, Nov 15 8:00 PM ET Tulane @ Houston
Thu, Nov 15 9:30 PM ET Florida Atlantic @ North Texas
Fri, Nov 16 9:00 PM ET Boise State @ New Mexico
Thu, Nov 15 11:30 AM ET Saint Joseph's @ Wake Forest
Thu, Nov 15 11:30 AM ET Ball State @ Virginia Tech
Thu, Nov 15 2:00 PM ET Alabama @ Northeastern
Thu, Nov 15 8:00 PM ET Golden State Warriors @ Houston Rockets
Thu, Nov 15 9:00 PM ET Atlanta Hawks @ Denver Nuggets
Thu, Nov 15 10:30 PM ET San Antonio Spurs @ Los Angeles Clippers

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