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SiriusXM Intern Bootcamp

Prepare yourself for the internship of your dreams

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Getting to Know SiriusXM

In this course, you’ll get an inside look at our company and the exciting internship opportunities we offer to launch your career in audio entertainment.
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Job Search Tips

This course provides insider info straight from SiriusXM’s HR team as well as tips for your next job application.
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Resume Development

Our SiriusXM HR team offers advice to make your resume stand out (in a great way of course).
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Ace the Virtual Interview

We'll walk you through our process and provide tips and tricks to help slam-dunk your video interview.
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Prepare for the Technical Interview

Hear from our hiring managers on how to best prepare for the technical component of our product and software engineering interviews—and secure the internship. Be sure to follow the instructions at the end of the course!
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