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Rude Jude

Nothing is safe or sacred when Rude Jude hits the airwaves every afternoon – all things unusual and inappropriate take center stage.

Image of Rude Jude
Image of Rude Jude

Who Is Rude Jude?

Jude Angelini (aka Rude Jude), a loud-mouth a**hole, made a name for himself on the white trash circus The Jenny Jones Show. In 2001, Angelini left Detroit for Hollywood, ending up broke, washing dishes, and eating rice and ketchup. Eminem saved him with a job on his hip-hop channel Shade 45. Thanks for nothing, Em.
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The All Out Show with Rude Jude
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Roxanne Shante Interviews Rude Jude

Roxanne Shante from LL Cool J’s Rock the Bells Radio turns the tables and interviews Rude Jude and the two discuss Hummingbird + Hyena. 
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