WATCH: World Premiere: Kenny Chesney ‘Rich and Miserable’ music video

In the video for Kenny Chesney’s latest single, Rich and Miserable, which exclusively premiered on SiriusXM, he asks “What makes you happy?”

Caitlin Carter
April 28, 2017

Kenny Chesney wants to know: What makes you happy?

In the video for “Rich and Miserable,” a track from his No. 1 album Cosmic Hallelujah that exclusively premiered on SiriusXM today, a college professor (John C. McGinley) urges his students to reflect on who they are and what brings them happiness — to reach inside and think beyond what they’re told will bring them fulfillment so they don’t end up “rich and miserable” after graduation.

“We climb the ladder, but the ladder just grows,” Chesney sings on the album cut. His message put the focus on the fact that money, power and success are things we are taught to chase — we often seek to be college-educated so we can achieve these goals — but in the end, none of it will ultimately guarantee our happiness.

It is a message that feels timely and is certainly in keeping with the overall themes of Chesney’s last two projects, The Big Revival and Cosmic Hallelujah.

Take an exclusive first peek at the video above, and tune in to The Highway (Ch. 56) and No Shoes Radio (Ch. 57) to hear the song in rotation.

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