The Perri Peltz Show: Will the GOP split in two if Trump loses?

“The Republicans as a party nationally have had fissures and ruptures going on for 15 years now,” Wall Street Journal writer Peggy Noonan says.

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November 8, 2016

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The New York Times’ David Brooks ended his Election Day column with a call to action: “Tomorrow let’s start with fresh ground and a new party.”

On The Perri Peltz show, Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan said the aftershocks from this race could very well shake up our two-party system, though not in favor of traditional third-party candidates on the ballot.

Noonan and Politico’s Mike Allen noted that if Donald Trump loses, the GOP would have lost the popular vote in the last five or so cycles.

“Republicans win locally. They can win states, they can win some cities, they can win state legislatures, but something is wrong nationally. What is it? They’re going to have to figure it out,” Noonan said. “They’re going to have to figure out if they’re actually splitting into two or even three parties. The Republicans as a party nationally have had fissures and ruptures going on for 15 years now. At some point, it was gonna blow. This is the year it began to blow. So the next four, eight years, we decide if they keep on keeping on as a Republican Party refigured, refreshed, reformed, refiguring out what it stands for, or if indeed the tensions are too great and it splits and there’s something called the Republican Party and the New Republican Party.”

As for the Democrats, “you also got something going on,” Noonan said. “If Mrs. Clinton is elected, she faces two great challenges. One is Republicans who are in opposition to her, but another is the left of her party, the growing forces, the great energy of her party, the Bernie Sanders expression of her party, the Elizabeth Warren expression. That is a left, progressive part of her party that will be pushing her from day one in certain directions.”

Hear more clips from Peltz’s special election show below, from ABC News reporter Deborah Roberts’ interactions with female Trump voters to his less-than-warm welcome in New York City.

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