Stressed about back-to-school season? SiriusXM Stars to the rescue!

Parents, students and experts offer top tips for the new school year on Wake Up with Taylor, Dialing Donny, The Perri Peltz Show and Just Jenny.

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August 21, 2017

Fresh notebooks. Perfectly sharpened pencils. Nothing kicks off fall quite like back-to-school season, and though it’s an exciting time full of new possibilities, it can also be stressful for students and parents.

Luckily, SiriusXM Stars (Ch. 109) is here to help, offering advice on everything from buying school supplies and packing a lunch to handling bullying and anxiety issues.

“Orientation’s a big thing,” Pavlina Osta, a college student and award-winning radio personality, said on Wake Up with Taylor. “I know every orientation day, I go through with a daze. I am not mentally there, because you’re just coming off of summer, you’re not used to waking up that early, so it’s important to not go through orientation day in a daze. Get to know your teachers, get to know who’s in your classes. That’s really important.”

Listen to more top tips from experts on Dialing Donny, The Perri Peltz Show and Just Jenny below.