NFL Team Preview: New York Giants riding new energy into 2016

The New York Giants look to start fresh in 2016 with a new head coach and offensive coordinator.

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August 4, 2016

Eli Manning talking to SiriusXM NFL Radio at the 2016 New York Giants Training Camp.

Despite Eli Manning throwing for 35 touchdowns and carrying a 93.6 QB rating during the regular season, uneven play and a slew of down-to-the-wire losses kept the New York Giants out of the playoffs at 6-10. With Ben McAdoo taking over for long-time head coach Tom Coughlin, the Giants hope that a new approach will put them on the right side of those close games and in the playoffs.

Camp Report

McAdoo’s presence, as well as Mike Sullivan as the new offensive coordinator, has provided a boost in camp.

“I think that’s something we’re trying to create,” Manning told Bob Papa and David Diehl at Giants camp at East Rutherford, N.J. “And what a lot of college players are used to is the music going on. Different drills that we didn’t do before, but that’s part of new coaches, new coordinators. Training camp, there’s always going to be different things. In football, you’re always learning, always trying to improve yourself and there’s new drills that you’re going to be doing based on the offense that you’re in or plays that you’re running to try to improve on those, get an extra rep.

“We’re doing ball-handling drills. They’re trying to save the legs sometimes, so you get creative and just do some things around the leg or around the waist or between the legs or figure eights. That’s Coach Sullivan getting creative there.”

Manning and Sullivan have an outstanding relationship. They also have a long history, going back to Sullivan’s first stint with the Giants as wide receivers and quarterbacks coach before he left to join the staff of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“I think we’re on the same page in how we see defenses, what we like,” Manning said. “Last year, it was a new offense for him. This is still Coach McAdoo’s offense, and so he was picking up on things, but now he’s got a great feel for it. We understand each other’s personalities and how to handle each other.”

For McAdoo, he’s looking for a consistent, strong backfield combination.

“Rashad (Jennings) took the bull by the horns late in the year, but you have to have a one-two punch there,” McAdoo told SiriusXM NFL Radio. “That’s a tough position to play. The running back position, they take a lot of shots, so you have to have a guy ready to go if Rashad needs a breather, needs a blow right there. And then you also have to have a guy that changes up the pace for you a little bit and Shane does that for us. And someone that’s ready to take on his role, too, if need be.”


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Stud: Somehow it took us this long to mention Odell Beckham, Jr. Based on his first two seasons, you can mark down 1,400 yards and at least 12 touchdowns without breaking a sweat (barring injury, of course).

Sleeper: Rookie Paul Perkins may have been the ninth running back to be taken in the NFL Draft, but he can run, catch, block, and maybe even serve as Rashad Jenning’s No. 2.

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