Munoz: ‘Window is closing quickly’ on Bengals’ ability to win a championship

The clock is ticking on the Cincinnati Bengals’ pursuit of a championship.

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July 25, 2016

The clock is ticking on the Cincinnati Bengals’ pursuit of a championship.

Anthony Munoz can hear it. The Hall-of-Fame offensive tackle would like nothing better than to see his former team finally make the jump from a club that has had a half-dozen winning regular-season records since 2009 to one that continues to win in January and beyond.

“It’s ashamed that that’s what they’re defined by,” Munoz told Zig Fracassi and Adam Caplan on NFL Rewind. “I would have loved to have seven of those seasons in my 13 years with the Bengals, but the bottom line is you’ve got to win a championship. I believe the window is closing quickly. They still have a very talented team. I really believe they have enough leadership there to get over that hump.

“Last year, of course, (quarterback) Andy (Dalton) gets hurt at the end of the Steeler game. Again, I think a key this year is Andy’s health and getting (tight end) Tyler Eifert healthy. I think those are the two keys and, especially, Tyler Eifert, offensively. And I think, defensively, they’re good enough to be a contender.”

Having played in both of the Bengals’ Super Bowl appearances, Munoz knows what it takes to get over one hump. He thinks the current team is on the verge of figuring out what is necessary to do something other than lose in the playoffs.

“I think they’re very close to getting over that hump,” Munoz said. “There’s no question, I think they can win 10 to a dozen games, but it’s that playoff game. I think they have guys, veteran guys, like your Andrew Whitworths and Andy Daltons and guys on defense — Geno Atkins and those type of guys that can lead the charge and get them over that hump.”

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