Matthew Stafford, Eric Decker and other NFL vets give rookies some advice

NFL veterans Matthew Stafford, Devin Funchess, Luke Kuechly, Jeremy Maclin and others give the 2016 NFL rookie class some tips and pointers.

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August 24, 2016

NFL goal posts.

Be seen and not heard. That’s the advice Cincinnati Bengal veteran, Karlos Dansby, had for the incoming class of NFL rookies.

Dansby, along with Matthew Stafford, Luke Kuechly, Aaron Donald, Jeremy Maclin and others spoke to SiriusXM’s NFL Radio (Ch. 88) recently about training camp essentials and the best advice for NFL rookies to abide by during the trials of their first pro season. What’d the other players have to say to the 2016 rookie class?

Matthew Stafford from the Detroit Lions told the first-years to “find a veteran to talk to, find a guy who has been around for a long time.” Stafford’s advice rings true not only for current NFL rookies, but really is applicable to anyone starting a new career. Finding a veteran and listening to them is sage advice for anyone, let alone someone joining a team replacing one of the NFL’s all-time great wide receivers.

What about the challenge of learning new plays in a new offensive or defensive system? Eric Decker of the “win-now” New York Jets, chimed in with the useful advice of “It’s learning the playbook, slowing it down, so when you get on the field you’re not thinking, you’re just playing.”

As for the Los Angeles Rams’ No. 1 overall draft pick, Jared Goff? Rams defensive tackle, Aaron Donald, had this to say to Goff (and all the other rookies): “Do the same thing that got them to where they are today. If they continue to do that, keep working on their craft, they’ll be just fine in the league.” Words of wisdom from the big man to all the rookies and in particular that very young (but very talented) core of talent that the Rams have right now.

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