Don’t Miss Out! SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio Presents Two Exclusive Draft Events

SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio is gearing up for two highly anticipated draft events that are set to captivate fantasy football enthusiasts.

Matthew Fanizza
May 22, 2023

Fantasy football fans, get ready for a double dose of excitement! SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio (Ch. 87) is hosting two exclusive draft events. Whether you’re a military member vying for glory or a fan eager to witness an All-Time Fantasy Football Draft, these specials are guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Military Appreciation Draft – A Battle of Wits and Skills

As a token of gratitude, SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio is organizing the Military Appreciation Draft, where 10 military members will go head-to-head against our seasoned hosts in a high-stakes Fantasy Football Draft. With the league winner earning two coveted tickets to an NFL game, the competition will be fierce.

Join Jim Bowden and Howard Bender on Fantasy Alarm for the first draft event on May 25 at 6pm ET as they guide you through this thrilling draft.

Then on May 27 at 7pm ET, join Mike Dempsey and Bob Harris on Football Diehards for a second draft. Both drafts are a chance for military members to showcase their football knowledge and skill!

All-Time Fantasy Football Draft – Legends Collide

Prepare for a clash of football titans as SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio presents the All-Time Fantasy Football Draft. Our knowledgeable hosts will have the unique opportunity to draft players from any era, assembling their ultimate dream teams.

This draft, beginning on May 30, will include debates and discussions about the greatest football players of all time. Stay connected with SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio’s Twitter page for updates on the draft board and immerse yourself in the excitement.

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of these exclusive events; tune in to SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio and experience the thrill of fantasy football like never before, stream now on the SXM App.