Coach K addresses speculation of return, is joined by successor Jon Scheyer on SiriusXM

During a new episode of Coach K’s exclusive SiriusXM podcast, Krzyzewski’s successor, Jon Scheyer, joined the show to talk about following Coach K and more.

Matt Simeone
April 6, 2022

Mike Krzyzewski hosted a new episode of his SiriusXM show, Basketball and Beyond with Coach K, tonight alongside co-host Sean Farnham. During the show, Farnham asked Krzyzewski to address the speculation that he would return to coach Duke for another season. Additionally, Krzyzewski’s successor at Duke, Jon Scheyer, joined the show to talk about following Coach K and more.

See excerpts from the show below, and listen to the full episode anytime on the SXM App.

Co-host, Sean Farnham:  “The G.O.A.T. in the NFL, he retired and then he came back and I’ve been asked three times: Do you think Coach K’s gonna pull a Tom Brady? So what is your reply to all of those people that are asking those questions today?” 

 Coach K:  “Well, to even be put in the same room maybe that Brady would be in is an honor, but, you know, he still has talent that can be used at a really high level. (chuckles) I’m done with the coaching part of it. But wow. You know, I’ve been so lucky to be in it for 47 years, almost five decades of coaching at either West Point or Duke, and then 11 years with U.S. How lucky can you be? To be in that arena with two of the best institutions in the world, and then to represent your country in the global arena, it’s been an unbelievable honor. And I’ve loved it. I I’ve loved doing what I dreamed I wanted to do when I was 16, and that was to be a coach. And it went on steroids, you know, I mean, all the opportunities and the people who’ve helped me, and obviously one of the main things is the players that you have an honor to coach who have been so very talented and so very committed to team play. As a result we’ve won a lot of championships and obviously you lose too, but those times that you win are cherished.”

See video of Coach K’s comments here:

Coach K reflecting on the emotions of his final game:

Coach K:  “A goal of mine throughout the years was that at the end of the season I wanted my team to either have tears of joy or tears of sorrow, but to have tears. And I had a locker room full of tears. And so I knew that this team gave me and gave each other their very best and that made me feel good, really, really good.”

Coach K on what’s next:

Farnham:  “How do you see your role in protecting, promoting and growing the game of college basketball and basketball in general with as much love as you have now that you are no longer on the sidelines?”

Coach K:  “I’ll always have a love for the game and know what the game has done for me, my family, my school, my university. I don’t know what the future holds in that regard because I don’t think college basketball knows what’s going on completely. But I’ll support it. Not in any formal way, like I’m not gonna be, I’m not seeking positions or to be a placeholder. I’d rather be, if somebody wanted my opinion, I’d give my opinion after studying what they’re asking my opinion about. But as far as then being in any formal situation to carry out the action of that, I don’t see that happening. I’m going to be doing other things. I’ll always love the game and want the game to flourish. The game’s been amazing to me.”


Jon Scheyer on following Coach K as head coach of Duke:

Coach Scheyer:  “I think the way that we’ve done this succession plan and this transition, it’s set up for amazing success. It’s built for success. And I believe in myself. I believe in what Coach has built here, what we have built here. And I think we’re in great hands. It’s not starting from scratch. So the question that Coach asked me, Chris Carrawell, Amile Jefferson, the coaches or infrastructure, all that’s in place ready to take off. So I feel very confident. I feel excited. I know it’s not gonna be easy. I know no matter what there’s gonna be criticism and attention on everything we do, but I think how else would you want it? (laughs) For me I’d rather have it that way any day of the week.”

Coach K and Coach Scheyer on each other’s leadership qualities:

Coach K:  “John’s always been a leader. When I recruited him out of Glenbrook North he was a leader among his peers and he handled pressure magnificently. He never looked like he was under pressure and he did the same thing when he was a player for me. And he’s done that as an assistant and then as an associate. And so he’s evolved and he’s gonna continue to evolve because he is a lifelong learner. He’s a very, very curious person and wants to continue to get better. And that’s what a leader has to be. And he will allow, I’ve seen him do this, he’s allowed others to lead. He will not be a micromanager. He will not do that. That’s the reason we made this plan because he has shown all that stuff, including a pretty good knowledge of the game, a real good knowledge of the game.” 

Coach Scheyer:  “Well, I would just say for me, again, it’s easy for me as well. Coach has never asked any of us, whether it’s on his staff or his players, to do anything that he wouldn’t do himself. And I think for any leader, I think that’s really important. And that goes into the time and energy that he puts into every single day, every single part of our program. I’ve been able to see it firsthand for the last nine years. I saw it firsthand as a player in a different way. But as a coach it’s a much different perspective. And then any leader you want to run through a wall for them, a great leader I should say. And with Coach we all felt that way as a player. And we felt that way with everyone on staff, because he knows how to connect. He knows how to motivate. He knows in that moment it may be getting on somebody, it may be encouraging them. And that’s what makes him one of the best leaders ever. The best leader I’ve ever been around.”


Farnham:  “Obviously you already have a great recruiting class that you were very significant in signing and making sure that the next year’s roster looks very similar as far as talent goes to what everybody expects from a Duke basketball program. What is your number one message that you’re trying to get accomplished as a head coach that has not yet been on the sideline really, and run your own program? How do you communicate that message to the recruits that you’re going out and seeing this weekend?” 

Coach Scheyer:  “Well, I think it’s just the continuity that we have. I’ve explained to them that Duke is still Duke and this period of time that they have chosen to come to Duke and hopefully continue to come to Duke is really important. And maybe as important as any time in a long time at Duke. So for me I think it’s an amazing opportunity. And obviously just like anything it comes down to the belief in myself and our staff and then the trust level that’s there in building great relationships. So I feel really proud and we’ll continue to build these relationships as we go forward.” 

Coach K:  “He’s already done it. Like, in other words, what you’re messaging, it’s his class. The guys who are coming in in a couple months, they came here knowing they were gonna play for Jon, not me. And so he’s established that level along with the guys on his staff, that level of relationship and trust. So now going for another class, he’s already done that. And then they get a chance to see how it turns out next season. And then that’s your body of work. They’re doing it already and now they gotta do it again for the following class.” (chuckles) 

Coach Scheyer:  “Yes, we do.” 

Coach K:  “Like everyone else, you know, it’s not a one year thing. But that’s already been done, Sean. They know what the heck they’re doing.”