Brian Daboll Discusses Giants’ Progress and Team Chemistry

As training camp approaches, Daboll and his staff have been meticulously analyzing every position group.

Matthew Fanizza
June 27, 2023

(AP Photo/John Minchillo)

During an interview on SiriusXM NFL Radio‘s Movin’ The Chains with Jim Miller & Pat Kirwan, New York Giants head coach Brian Daboll shared his thoughts on the team’s progress towards year two and the importance of building team chemistry.

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Reflecting on the Giants’ impressive performance last season, Daboll expressed his enthusiasm for the team’s accomplishments. He acknowledged the great story that unfolded and commended his players for their dedication and hard work. However, Daboll emphasized that success in the NFL is not static, and teams must constantly strive for improvement to remain competitive.

“It’s all about improvement as you know,” Daboll said. “You’re never the same team as you are from the year before and that’s the way the national football league works.”

Daboll emphasized the significance of team chemistry and how it plays a vital role in the Giants’ preparations for the upcoming season. With the roster comprising a good amount of new players, Daboll understands the importance of fostering cohesion among the team members. The Giants utilized OTAs to begin building that chemistry, and while progress has been made, Daboll acknowledges that there is still a long way to go.

“So it’s not a full reset, but there’s, you know, call it 30% new roster people on your team,” said Daboll. “And I think we made some progress in the OTAs but, you know, certainly a long way to go, looking forward to getting the training camp.”

As the Giants approach the start of training camp, Daboll and his staff have been meticulously analyzing every position group. They recognize the significance of both the offensive and defensive lines, which they consider the foundation of the team. Daboll lauded the talent and dedication of the players, emphasizing their size, strength, and skill set. The Giants’ focus on strengthening the trenches reflects their commitment to fortifying the core of their team.

“We believe everything starts up front,” Daboll said, “with your offense and defensive lines and we think we’ve either added some pieces, retained some pieces. These guys are good players.”

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