Lisa Ann and Bret Raybould Host Sex and Relationships Show ‘Better Halves’

“It is up to you to determine who the ‘better half’ really is,” said Lisa Ann.

Jackie Kolgraf
December 28, 2023

Better Halves with Lisa Ann and Bret Raybould is a comical therapy session that journeys into the world of dating, sex, and relationships. Available exclusively on Raw Comedy (Ch. 99), hear a new episode every Friday at 5pm ET.

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Lisa Ann on SiriusXM

Lisa Ann (adult industry icon, broadcaster, and author) and Bret Raybould (comedian, actor, and writer) met back when Bret was a guest on The Lisa Ann Experience in 2021.

“Never in a million years would I have guessed I’d one day have a SiriusXM radio show with the ultimate GOAT of adult film… the icon The Real Lisa Ann,” he shared. “I’ve watched her work relentlessly on this thing and it’s very inspiring. The woman is an absolute machine, a broadcasting professional, and a grade A human.”

Bret Raybould and Lisa Ann go shopping in New York City to promote their new SiriusXM show 'Better Halves'

What you’ll hear on ‘Better Halves’

Stories: Lisa Ann on meeting fans

After an established career in the adult film industry, Lisa Ann built up a dedicated fanbase — which can lead to some unusual run-ins.

“There are many weird interactions that happen on the regular. People feel the need to tell me things that I think should be their indoor conversations with people they know. But then again, I have to remember, they do think they know me,” Lisa explained to Bret in Episode 1 of Better Halves. “They’ve spent ‘man hours’ with me. They’ve built a relationship with me … By the way, when someone’s approaching me, I can tell the man hours. I can be like, ‘That’s a casual viewer,’ or, ‘That guy is a feverish masturbator and has put in six hours a day for the last 12 years of his life, and this is gonna be awkward.'”

Triggers: What sets Lisa Ann off

During the “Triggers” segment of Better Halves Episode 1, Lisa Ann opened up about why she hates being called Mommy — or even having people think she’s a mom.

“Obviously, I starred in a movie called Mommy Knows Best … I had to write ‘mommy knows best’ on a mirror. It was traumatic for me,” Lisa recalled. “First and foremost, everyone knows I’ve never wanted children. And you get put in this MILF role, but it’s not like anybody asked you for ID for your kids to make sure you have some. It was just an age thing, right? So, now everybody in the world thinks I’m a mom. And I’m like, ‘There’s nothing worse that I want you to think than I’m a mom.'”

Advice: Lisa Ann and Bret answer fan questions

“Now, fetishes are something that we’re gonna talk a lot about on Better Halves because, you know, I get a lot of fetish conversation. And I don’t want to kink shame anyone … But there are things that I see sometimes that I’m like, ‘Okay, I don’t know when you would introduce that,'” Lisa said before reading a fan email asking for advice on the right way to introduce a fetish to a partner.

“You should not be embarrassed about anything you like,” Lisa Ann added. “But I do think there’s a timing issue on when you bring this in … We’re on our eighth date, we’ve had sex four times … It might be jarring for the woman. I think you almost have to present these things not too quick but quick enough.”

“That’s fair, ’cause you don’t want to be, you know, a year and a half in, and then you’re like, ‘Hey, by the way, I got something,'” Bret said. “I don’t think any fetish should anyone be embarrassed about, but I think you should be cautious … You want to make sure that they — and you, actually — care about each other, so that when you present something — ’cause there’s a vulnerability to saying, ‘Hey, this is what I’m into.’ Like, that’s a trust thing.”

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