Ann Coulter: ‘The country will be finished’ if Hillary Clinton is elected

Ann Coulter’s next job move if Hillary Clinton is elected? “I’m retiring and writing mysteries.”

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August 23, 2016

Donald Trump’s hard-hitting talk on “trade, immigration and endless, pointless wars” helped to shape the entire conversation of the 2016 election, says to Ann Coulter. Her latest book, ‘In Trump We Trust,’ touts her support for the Republican presidential nominee.

“Some of it was written with the ‘Never Trump-ers’ in mind,” Coulter told Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow Tuesday.



“It’s his issues that won us over,” Coulter continued.  She criticized the ‘Never Trump’ sect of the Republican party saying, “no [Trump supporter] is looking at Trump saying ‘well, I don’t really care about the issues, I just want a man like that in the White House.’ No, it’s not that. We are the ones that are being substantive and looking at the issues. They’re the ones that are being superficial snobs.”



Coulter also sent warning shots to members of the conservative media, including Marlow, about their future careers under a Clinton presidency.

“The essay portion of the exam is over. ….It’s either Hillary or it’s Donald Trump, and if it’s Hillary — that’s it,” Coulter warned. “Nobody is going to come to the game anymore when we haven’t won anything for 20 years. And Republicans will not be able to win anything if Hillary is elected. Nothing ever. There will be no point to Fox News, there will be no point to Breitbart, there will be no point to what I do. I’m retiring and writing mysteries. The country will be finished.”

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