Aimee Mann reflects on being a fierce woman in music & her legendary Rush collab on SXM

Hear Mann in conversation with VOLUME (Ch. 106) host Lori Majewski as she tells exclusive stories & more.

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February 6, 2020

“Voices Carry,” especially when they’re screaming Aimee Mann’s (always deserved) praises.

SiriusXM VOLUME (Ch. 106) host, seasoned music journalist, and (rightfully) fervent Duran Duran fan Lori Majewski has been a big advocate for amplifying the voices of women in music and breaking down the barriers they face in the industry. On this very special episode of her series Fierce: Women in Music (which has seen past guests like Sharon Osbourne, Joan Jett, and Trisha Yearwood), Majewski had the chance to talk with iconic singer-songwriter Aimee Mann. Hear the episode On Demand below!

During the episode, the musical wordsmith got candid about her enduring career, what it felt like to pave her way in such a male-dominated industry, being “comedy-adjacent,” and working with her favorite artists. Despite having her roots in crafting new wave hits that withstand the test of time, Mann emphasizes her goal to make music that feels like it’s “here and now” rather than locked into a particular era (which she does, for the record).

Another big topic of conversation was her status as the only artist who has ever collaborated with Rush (bonus: be sure to catch the limited-run Rush Tribute Channel before it ends on Tuesday, February 11). While she admits she’s no Rush expert, Mann had only nice things to say about the Canadian rockers, including the recently deceased Neil Peart.

To hear the full conversation live, don’t miss it when it airs on VOLUME today, February 6 at 7pm ETtomorrow, February 7 at 1am ETSaturday, February 8 at 3pm ET; and Sunday, February 9 at 6am ET.

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