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November 2, 2021 SiriusXM Subscription Rate Change for Music & Entertainment and Platinum Plans with a Military Discount – Frequently Asked Questions

1. When did the subscription rates change? 

For plans that are impacted by the rate adjustment, the new subscription rates were effective as of November 2, 2021. The new rates apply to subscription purchases made on and after that date, or renewals of existing subscriptions that are processed on and after that date.

2. Which plans were impacted by the November 2, 2021 rate change?

The monthly standard rates for Music & Entertainment and Platinum Plans increased.

3. By how much did the rates change?

The standard monthly rates for Music & Entertainment and Platinum Plans increased by $1 per month. Subscribers with the Music & Entertainment and Platinum Plans with a Military Discount save 25% off undiscounted rates for the life of the subscription; therefore, the monthly standard rate for Music & Entertainment and Platinum Plans with a Military discount increased by 75 cents per month. 

Audio packages which include music channels are subject to the U.S. Music Royalty Fee. The U.S. Music Royalty Fee is calculated based upon the price of your subscription package and changes accordingly.  Click here for more information on U.S. Music Royalty Fees.

4. My current subscription plan does not renew until November 2, 2021 or later. When will I be billed at the new rates? 

You will be billed the new rate the next time your plan renews on and after November 2, 2021.  See exception in FAQ #6 below if you currently are in a trial.

5. Will the rate adjustment affect my trial subscription?

No. Trial subscriptions are not impacted by the rate adjustment.

6. I'm currently on a trial subscription, but prior to November 2, 2021, I purchased a plan to start when my trial ends. When will I be charged the new rate?

If you have already purchased a Music & Entertainment or a Platinum Plan prior to November 2, 2021 as your follow-on plan to your current trial, the increase will not apply until after the initial billing period following your trial.  Then, whenever your plan bills again, you will be charged the new adjusted rate (or the rate in effect at that time).


  • If you chose a monthly billing plan to follow your trial, the first month will not be impacted by the adjustment. The new rates will apply to the second and subsequent months of your plan.

  • If you chose a quarterly billing plan to follow your trial, the first three months of your service will be at the current rates. You will not be billed at the new adjusted rate until your plan bills again (after the first three months).

7. For more information or questions?

Please see our Customer Agreement for information about our services, how to cancel and ways to contact us. 

Please be sure to visit the Online Account Center to make sure your contact information is up to date. If you have never accessed your online account, you will need to go through a short registration process. Click here to register your account.