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Frequently Asked Questions About Your Privacy Rights

For more information about individual states rights, please see the privacy policy of the service to which you subscribe as listed below:

For details regarding the collection, use, and sharing of personal information by SiriusXM streaming and satellite services, please see the Sirius XM Radio Inc. Privacy Policy.

For details regarding the collection, use, and sharing of personal information by Pandora Media, LLC, please see the Pandora Privacy Policy.

For details regarding the collection, use, and sharing of personal information by Stitcher Media LLC, please see the Stitcher Privacy Policy.

If you are a resident of the following states, you can use the Your Privacy Choices form to submit privacy requests under your state law:

  • California

  • Colorado - eff July 1, 2023

  • Connecticut - eff July 1, 2023

  • Utah - eff December 31, 2023

  • Virginia

Why do I need to provide personal information to submit a privacy request?

Certain state laws provide you with the right to submit specific requests relating to information that we have about you as an individual. For us to identify you and determine whether we have collected any information about you, you must provide us with certain personal information. The personal information we collect from you when submitting your request is only used to process your request and to maintain a record for compliance purposes.

Why do I need to provide my email address?

We use your email address to communicate with you with regard to your request, to send you confirmation of how your request was handled, to send you information about how to obtain the information you have requested where applicable, and in certain cases, as part of the process of validating your identity and verifying your request.

What does verification mean?

If you submit an access or deletion request, for the protection of the security and privacy of our consumers, we verify that you are the actual data subject about whom the request is submitted. If you are submitting a request for specific pieces of personal information, we are required by law to verify your identity to a reasonably high level of certainty. Therefore depending on the nature of your request, we may need to contact you for additional information.

Can someone submit a request on my behalf?

If you are a California, Colorado or Connecticut resident, the law allows you to authorize someone to act as your agent and submit a specific privacy request on your behalf. You must supply your agent with written permission to act on your behalf, and your agent must provide proof of such authorization before we will act upon the request. If you are submitting a request to access or delete personal information through an authorized agent, you must still verify your identity directly with us through our standard verification process. An authorized agent acting on behalf of a deceased person may place a privacy request pursuant to a power of attorney under the Probate Code of the respective state.

Can I request the deletion of my personal information while my account is active?

A request to delete personal information submitted for an active subscription will not automatically cancel your subscription. If your subscription is active, we will delete the information that is not strictly necessary to provide you with service, to communicate with you about your service and your account, or that we retain for other specific reasons required or allowed by law. If you want to cancel your subscription, please see the privacy policy listed above for the respective brand of service for your account for more details on cancellation of your account. Due to the technical structure of our systems, if you wish to cancel your subscription and delete your information, you should cancel first and then place your deletion request. Please note that regardless of the order in which you manage your subscription status, we will retain some personal information in our records for certain purposes as required or allowed by law. Such information will be stored and used only for the specific purpose for which it was retained.

Modifying your account while an access or delete request is pending could interfere with the processing of your request.

I submitted a request for deletion. Why am I still getting communications from you?

Requesting deletion does not prevent all future communications to you. We identify you by the information you provide to us and any information that we can associate to that identity. If we have received information about you under a different name or identifier or if you provided us with different identifying information at another time, that information may not be associated with the record identified from your deletion request. In addition, certain services such as Sirius XM audio services receive information from multiple sources; for example, we receive information about you when you buy a new car including a Sirius XM trial subscription so that we may enable the trial. For information on how to manage your preferences about how we contact you, please see the privacy policy listed above for the respective service.

Can I submit more than 1 request at a time?

To ensure the integrity of our systems and the proper fulfillment of each request, we are unable to simultaneously process requests. Please submit each request separately. Specifically you should wait until your pending request for access or deletion has been completed before submitting a subsequent request.

How many requests can I submit in a year?

You can submit up to two requests to access your personal information and up to four requests for deletion within a 12-month period.

If you place a request to opt-out of the sale of your personal information or from targeted advertising and you do not show up in our systems using the information provided in your request, we will record your opt-out request and apply it to information that we collect from or about you in the future to the extent we are able to identify you.

Can I appeal a denied request?

We may be unable to take action on requests for a variety of reasons in accordance with law, such as when we are unable to verify your identity, we are unable to find you in our system based on the information you provided, or if we have requested more information to verify your identity and have not received it within 7 business days.

Residents of Virginia, Colorado and Connecticut can appeal the result of the request and can ask us to reconsider our decision or action on your request. We will respond to your appeal request within the time afforded by law.

To appeal, please visit the following pages:




You will need your previous Request ID to start the appeal. You can find your Request ID on your initial communication from us regarding your privacy request.

Can I submit a request on behalf of a household?

Any privacy request submitted will be treated as an individual request and processed as such.

I am or have been an employee of Sirius XM and a customer of one of the services above. How do I submit a CCPA request for access or deletion of my personal information?

Customer and employee requests are processed separately. You must submit a request for each role. Former and current employees and contractors of Sirius XM may submit a CCPA request for access or deletion of their personal information here.