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Why am I unable to hear audio on my radio?

There are a few different factors that may impact your ability to hear audio on your radio.

If you’re experiencing Intermittent Audio Loss, Static / Poor Audio Quality, or No Audio, please use these steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Tune to Preview Channel 184 to confirm your radio has a signal. Proceed to the next step if you can hear audio. If you cannot hear audio, click here.

  2. Make sure to check your AM/FM dials to determine if audio is working properly.

If the above steps do not resolve your issues, you may need to perform a Power Cycle on your radio. By performing a Power Cycle, you are resetting your radio. Follow the steps below to perform a power cycle:

  1. Turn off your vehicle, including your radio

  2. Open and close your driver side door

  3. Please wait 3 minutes before turning your vehicle & radio back on

You should now be able to hear audio from your radio. If you’re still experiencing issues after performing these steps, please complete an overnight power cycle (6-8 Hours Off) to trigger a full startup sequence.

OEM radio reset instructions are in the owner’s manual, online, or by calling the dealership.