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Why are some of my channels missing?

Our channel availability varies by SiriusXM plan type.

If you recently changed your satellite plan, such as switching from the Platinum to Music & Entertainment, your available channels may have also changed. To confirm your plan, please visit the Online Account Center and the plan type will be listed under Your Subscriptions.

Please find our Channel Guide by plan type below:

Satellite Plans:


Music & Entertainment

Music Showcase

Streaming Plans:

All Access (App Only)

After verifying you’re on the correct plan, you may need to perform a Power Cycle on your radio. By performing a Power Cycle, you are resetting your radio. Follow the steps below to perform a power cycle:

  • Turn off your vehicle, including your radio

  • Open and close your driver side door

  • Please wait 3 minutes before turning your vehicle & radio back on

You should now be able to access your missing channels. If you’re still experiencing issues after performing these steps, you may also need to send a signal to your radio.