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New Channel Numbers

We’re shuffling a few things around to make room for even more great content. Below are channels whose numbers are changing, plus a couple new channels we’ve added to the lineup.

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The 10s Spot
New Channel – The 10s Spot
Ch. 11
Listen to The 10s Spot

New Channel – Mosaic
Ch. 15
Listen to Mosaic

The Pulse on SiriusXM
The Pulse
Ch. 5 (formerly 15)
Listen to The Pulse

The Coffee House on SiriusXM
The Coffee House
Ch. 6 (formerly 14)
Listen to The Coffee House

Siriusly Sinatra
Siriusly Sinatra
Ch. 70 (formerly 71)
Listen to Siriusly Sinatra

50s Gold on SiriusXM
'50s Gold
Ch. 72 (formerly 50s on 5)
Listen to '50s Gold

60s Gold on SiriusXM
'60s Gold
Ch. 73 (formerly 60s on 6)
Listen to '60s Gold

On Broadway on SiriusXM
On Broadway
Ch. 77 (formerly 72)
Listen to On Broadway

KIDZ BOP Radio on SiriusXM
Kidz Bop
Ch. 79 (formerly 77)
Listen to KIDZ BOP Radio

SiriusXM Love on SiriusXM
SiriusXM Love
Now a streaming-only channel
Listen to SiriusXM Love

SoulCycle Radio
SoulCycle Radio
Now a streaming-only channel
Listen to SoulCycle

40s Junction on SiriusXM
40s Junction
Now streaming only (Satellite ch. 71 returns 12/27)
Listen to 40s Junction

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