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  • Ancestors See schedule belowThis series explores the fascinating world of family history records. You'll travel around the globe as each episode weaves expert instruction with moving personal stories. Ancestors demonstrates to viewers how to use a wide variety of records for family history research.

  • BYU Devotionals See schedule below

    Broadcast from the campus of Brigham Young University, these weekly devotionals bring you talks from LDS Church leaders, faculty members, and special guests. Featuring performances from the BYU choirs.

  • BYU Education Week See schedule belowEvery year a weeklong conference is held on BYU’s campus in Provo, Utah that provides a chance for people to continue in their quest for lifelong learning. Classes and seminars include a wide range of topics including: gospel, family, marriage, personal progression and youth.

  • BYU Forum Address See schedule belowBroadcast from BYU campus in Provo, Utah, these forums feature illustrious speakers who address students on a variety of topics both spiritual and secular in nature.

  • BYU Sports Nation See schedule belowBYU Sports Nation gives you a daily insider's look at BYU Sports.  Hosts Spencer Linton and Jarom Jordan connect you with in-depth analysis, engaging discussion, interviews and opinions with a national perspective on all things BYU Sports.  Join the conversation on Twitter (@BYUSportsNation) or on the BYU Sports Nation Facebook page.

  • The Morning Show See schedule below

    Get your morning off to the right start with Marcus Smith and the team on The Morning Show as they discuss topics of interest here on BYU campus and around the world. Anything from news to history, sports to the arts, The Morning Show has got you covered. Join the conversation.

  • BYU Weekly See schedule belowThis weekly magazine program highlights the events, people, and research taking place at Brigham Young University. Stay caught up with all the most up-to-date happenings on the Cougar's campus.

  • BYU Women's Conference See schedule below

    BYU Women's Conference is a two-day conference held each year in the spring. Women gather from all over the world to be spiritually uplifted, spend time with family and friends, and to gain insights and new ideas for home, family, and self. Over 200 presenters will share their perspectives and insights on a variety of topics including family, marriage, womanhood and sisterhood, gospel principles, and practical and timely topics of interest and concern to women of all ages.

  • CES Firesides See schedule belowLeaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints spend an evening with the youth during these monthly "Firesides" from the Church Educational System.

  • Conversations See schedule belowConversations features interviews with LDS General Authorities, auxiliary leaders, and faithful Latter-day Saints conducted in a style that allows the listener to become acquainted with those being interviewed in an informal way.

  • Enduring It Well See schedule below

    Enduring It Well takes a deeper look at some of life’s real challenges and features real people who have endured or are enduring trials well.

  • Everything Creative See schedule belowEverything Creative explores creativity through interviews with artists and creative people of all types. Many episodes are unique in that the interviewee from a previous episode becomes the interviewer of another creative artist.

  • Eyres on the Road – Parenting in the Modern World See schedule belowRichard and Linda Eyre are world-traveling family coaches. Their common-sense approach to parenting brings hope and encouragement to parents everywhere.

  • Faith In Action See schedule below

    Faith in Action examines the welfare, humanitarian aid, and service opportunities happening worldwide. The interviews include humanitarian missionary couples, groups participating in service projects throughout the world, and the history of the Church's welfare program.

  • Fresh Take See schedule belowGet a fresh take on topics that will improve your everyday lives and relationships. Join the conversation, be inspired, and find information that will help you see and be the good in the world.

  • Highway 89 See schedule belowHIGHWAY 89 is a live music performance program brought to you from the performance studio at the heart of BYU Radio. Here, talented musicians and performers from across the campus and around the globe, play live mini-concerts for the BYU Radio audience and are interviewed by our hosts between the music.  With nearly 600 musicans on a year, you’ll get the chance to hear the best performances  --  from classical to jazz and folk to rock.  All live and unedited.  It’s music performances “on the edge,” without a net” on “Highway 89” on BYU Radio.

  • History of Hymns See schedule belowHistory of Hymns investigates the inception and evolution of the hymns of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The episodes include the history and progression of both the music and the text and feature interesting stories surrounding the creators and others involved in the development of a hymn. Also included are stories surrounding the performance or inclusion of the hymn in a variety of settings.

  • History of the Saints See schedule below

    Learn the fascinating and inspiring history of the Latter-day Saint pioneers. Tune in to BYU Radio for History of the Saints: Gathering to the West. Scholarly yet warm and inspiring, this unique series tells the story of the pioneers from Nauvoo to the Salt Lake Valley.  

  • Insights See schedule belowInsights features professionals in many fields who share knowledge in their areas of expertise so that we may learn "of things both in heaven and in the earth, and under the earth; things which have been, things which are, things which must shortly come to pass . . . that [we] may be prepared in all things." (See Doctrine and Covenants 88:79-80.)

  • Inspiring Lives See schedule belowInspiring Lives documents the true-life stories of some well-known LDS personalities. Be inspired by the struggles and triumphs of LDS artists, musicians, athletes, scientists, and many more on Inspiring Lives.

  • Legacy See schedule belowLegacy, created in cooperation with the Family History and Church History Departments, highlights some of the remarkable history of the Church and shares incredible stories of members' faith, perseverance, hope, and inspiration.

  • Living Essentials See schedule belowThis series is full of helpful hints intended to enrich and simplify your everyday life. Each episode explores one of six areas of focus by sharing real-life stories, expert advice, and detailed demonstrations. Areas of interest include Education and Literacy, Emergency Preparedness, Personal Finance, Personal/Family Health, Physical Health, Principles of Employment, Resource Management and Social/Emotional Strength.

  • Making Your Own Road See schedule belowMaking Your Own Road features lessons in entrepreneurship from Brigham Young University. Relationship management, finance

  • Mormon Identities See schedule below

    Mormon Identities is a program about real Latter-day Saints as they live the restored gospel of Jesus Christ in the world today. We explore how the gospel shapes our identities in episodes dealing with our communities, culture, scriptures, doctrines, life experiences, and challenges.

  • Music and the Spoken Word See schedule belowThis weekly 30-minute radio program features inspiring messages alongside the music of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, often accompanied by the Salt Lake Tabernacle organ and the Orchestra at Temple Square. First broadcast in 1929, this program is one of the longest-running radio shows in the world. The choir performs both sacred and secular pieces that correspond with the chosen message. In addition to hymns and sacred anthems, the choir performs Broadway show tunes, classical themes and beloved folk songs.

  • Notes from the Kennedy Center See schedule belowThe BYU Kennedy Center for International Studies attracts extraordinary diplomats, scholars, and talented individuals from business, politics, finance, public service, and education who teach and present at Global Awareness Lectures. The center also offers conferences and seminars to stimulate intellectual debate and to prepare students for evolving career opportunities in the global community. BYU Radio broadcasts the best lectures and seminars on “Notes from the Kennedy Center.”

  • Real Families, Real Answers See schedule belowFilmed in high definition, Real Families, Real Answers brings together nationally recognized authors as well as scholars from some of the nation’s most prestigious universities to provide insightful, relevant commentary on resolving and avoiding family conflict, strengthening family relationships, protecting family time, effectively dealing with anger, becoming a better parent and managing family finances. The series also gives insight on how real families successfully handle single parenting, avoid and overcome pornography in the home and rise above the devastation that accompanies family tragedies. Designed for families to watch together, each engaging Real Families, Real Answers episode will provide viewers with practical ideas and techniques they can start using in their own homes right now.

  • Road to Zion See schedule below

    Explore the international history of the LDS Church with host Shaunna Thompson as she travels all over the globe. Each episode helps viewers better understand a local land and culture.

  • Scripture Roundtables See schedule belowFaculty members from BYU Religious Education discuss the writings and teachings of the the scriptures. Scriptures covered include The Book of Mormon, King James Bible, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price.

  • Sperry Symposium See schedule below

    Sidney B. Sperry, a BYU religion professor, began this symposium in 1971. The symposium features speakers and their views on a range of scriptural and religious topics.

  • Sunday School Scriptures See schedule belowAlong with the rest of the Christian world, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints engage in a formal sequence of scripture study as part of their Sunday worship, each week of the year. For Mormons, the curriculum is standardized for all members worldwide, with adults participating in weekly discussions about their reading assignments in Sunday School sessions in local congregations. BYU Radio has volumes of professionally recorded scripture readings, and airs these specific readings on Sunday mornings to correspond with the Church-wide curriculum. Our broadcasts of scripture readings are an ideal opportunity for church-goers everywhere to prepare for their classroom experience each Sunday.

  • TalkWorthy See schedule belowIf there is anything talk worthy, you will hear it on this show. Join host Kim Stilson and her guests as they discuss anything worth talking about.

  • The Best of LDS General Conference See schedule below

    Twice a year, in April and again in October, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints convene to hear words of counsel, inspiration and guidance from the General Authorities of the Church. These broadcasts emanate from church headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, and are sent out via various broadcast, satellite and Internet media. A large part of the world that cannot receive these broadcasts over the air tunes in to BYU Radio to listen to LDS General Conference. BYU Radio also rebroadcasts many of these talks over the months following the April and October live broadcasts.

  • The Coach's Show See schedule belowBYU coaches offer team updates and thoughts about upcoming contests, live from BYU's own Legends Grill, with your host Greg Wrubell on The Coach's Show.

  • The Food Nanny See schedule belowThe Food Nanny is reality cooking show that helps bring families back to the dinner table. Join author Liz Edmunds as she works to transform America's dinnertime routine. From innovative tips and tricks on how to get your kids to help with meal planning and preparation, to recipe ideas, to advice for picky eaters, The Food Nanny will give you the recipe you need most - a successful family dinner.

  • The Generations Project See schedule belowSometimes the best way to know who you are is to know where you came from. This documentary series follows ordinary people in their quest to find answers about their past. With the aid of professional genealogists, they are able to uncover clues as to the identities of their ancestors, and their own identities as well. From Nazi Germany to the Hawaiian Islands, this series takes you back in time - and across the globe - in pursuit of answers about heritage.

  • The Matt Townsend Show See schedule below

    Matt Townsend specializes in energizing and involving audiences with his unique approach to building and maintaining successful relationships. Known as one of America’s top presenters in the field of Human Relations and Development, Matt blends humor and story telling with interactive, real-life solutions that motivate and inspire his listeners.

  • The Tantara Hour hosted by Ron Simpson See schedule below

    Join industry veteran Ron Simpson in-studio for a look at the recording process as he tracks through the music of his favorite artists, songwriters and performers that he's come in contact with through BYU's record label "Tantara Records". Enjoy the intimate outtakes, incredible stories and interesting inteviews that Ron Simpson brings to The Tantara Hour.

  • The Wheatley Forum See schedule belowThe Wheatley Institution seeks creative and powerful ideas which lead toward practical and constructive solutions to real societal issues. The Institution broadly disseminates those motivating ideas and policy recommendations to the wider world, and is guided in all its work by enduring, bedrock values. The Institution convenes leading scholars and experts from BYU and from beyond campus to research and publish collaboratively as well as individually on these topics.

  • Thinking Aloud See schedule belowThis original program brings you thoughtful, educated voices from BYU and abroad. Join Host Marcus Smith to hear exclusive interviews with lifelong learners on a range of topics from philosophy to current events to the arts.

  • This'll Take A While See schedule belowWith the advent of interactive media and "new" media, we are immersed in wholly new entertainment possibilities. "This'll Take A While" on BYU Radio is a review program that extends across the range of these new media phenomena. In this program, Professor Dean Duncan of the BYU Film Department looks into the entire spectrum of entertainment options, reviewing films, websites, books, e-books, blogs, podcasts—all with an eye toward what not only entertains, but also enriches and uplifts. And the show is not just limited to new releases. Dean takes us back into the vaults of classics over the ages—to help you and your family find quality entertainment that you might have missed.

  • Through the Garage Door See schedule below

    "Remember those good times when you had your buddies over to play your favorite tunes for them? There's something in each of us that wants our friends to like the same things we like; otherwise what use are they?

    Well, pull up a chair friend – you gotta hear this next one!"

  • Traveling with Eric Dowdle See schedule below

    Through the eyes of an artist, you can see the world. Eric Dowdle takes you with him on his journeys all over the globe. He also goes into great detail explaining unkown facts and history about the different places he has been.

  • True Blue See schedule below

    This weekly magazine show features BYU fan-favorite athletes and coaches. Reporters bring viewers to the action and introduce them to the personalities that make BYU Sports remarkable. You'll hear exclusive interviews with the players and hear the latest news on all Cougar sports. Hosted by Dave McCann.

  • True Blue See schedule belowTurning Point is a series of one-hour documentary films celebrating the life and work of everyday, ordinary people who have lived extraordinary lives. The series highlights outstanding community heroes and social entrepreneurs who are determined to make a difference in the lives of others. The Turning Point team explores what these people have achieved and how they have affected others, sometimes in their local communities and other times on a larger scale. Most importantly, they want to revisit the moment in time when these special people made the decision to make a difference—their personal “Turning Point”.

  • Why I Believe See schedule belowWhy I Believe is a program that explores conversion and why we as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe in certain principles of the gospel. Conversion stories are shared by individuals who have had their lives touched and have become converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and doctrines and principles of the gospel are explored.

  • Marcus Smith Marcus Smith serves as producer and anchor for Thinking Aloud. His life in radio spans a decade with BYU Broadcasting, where he was long the morning host for Classical 89 (KBYU-FM) and where he continues to serve as senior radio producer. Marcus has worked as a writer, editor, translator, teacher, and composer of sacred vocal music. He and his wife Sarah Cox Smith are former Fulbright Scholars, avid genealogists, gardeners, wannabe fine chefs, and the parents of four children.

  • Lloyd D. NewellLloyd D. Newell is the voice of the oldest continuous nationwide network radio broadcast in America, Music and the Spoken Word. He is also a professor of religion and family life at Brigham Young University and was formerly an anchor for CNN and at WSEE-TV. Newell received his Ph.D. in Family Sciences from Brigham Young University in 1999. He and his wife Karmel are the parents of four children.

  • Rebecca CressmanSince her first job as a D.J., Rebecca Cressman has produced, anchored, and hosted multiple award-winning commercial and public radio and television shows across the U.S. Rebecca also hosts the public affairs interview programs "Utah Weekly Forum" on Sunday nights and "Utah Families" on Monday nights on 100.3 FM in Utah. Rebecca and her husband, Dale have 3 sons.

  • Lise SimmsLise Simms is an American actress, singer, designer and dancer who began her career in entertainment at age 13. She started doing Broadway after graduating from high school and starred in numerous plays. She was also a member of the original Los Angeles, California cast of Beauty and the Beast and toured around the world with A Chorus Line in 1986. Most recently, Simms was the co-host and interior designer on Home & Garden Television's Desperate Spaces.

  • Liz EdmundsLiz Edmunds is a family-dinner consultant, mother of seven and the acclaimed author of The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner. Edmunds is a part-time instructor at Sur la Table and a cooking expert for busy families in need of a weekly dinner plan in their own homes. She lives outside Park City, Utah.

  • Shaunna ThompsonShaunna Thompson is an actress who lives in American Fork, Utah with her husband, Brian Thompson. Appeared in multiple episodes of "Touched by an Angel." Performs frequently in stage plays and commercials in Utah.

  • Ron SimpsonRon Simpson came to BYU in 1984, after two decades in the music industry, first as a musician and songwriter, and later as a studio owner, label head, music publisher, composer, arranger, and producer. He has written for records, films, commercials, and musical theater. He received the Creative Works Award from BYU in 1999, and a Certificate of Recognition from the College of Fine Arts and Communications in 2001, both for his work as General Manager of Tantara Records. At BYU he continues to teach songwriting and media composition and to administer academic programs in media music and sound recording. He produces music for BYU's touring shows The Living Legends and The Young Ambassadors. Simpson received music industry honors in 1992, 1993, and 2001 as publisher of the hit song, "Norma Jean Riley," which was recorded by the group Diamond Rio on Arista Records.

  • Dean DuncanDean Duncan is a film professor at Brigham Young University. He received his BFA in film production from Brigham Young University in 1987. His MA in film criticism came from the University of Southern California in 1992. He completed his PhD in 1999, from Glasgow University. He is especially interested and involved in documentary and children's media.

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