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After a chaotic offseason, the NBA returned this week to much fanfare. Click to read a recap of the NBA’s exciting, drama-filled four-month break.

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October 17, 2018

As the NBA season kicks off, SiriusXM’s NBA Radio (Ch. 207) has been a must-listen program for all levels of basketball fans.

As usual, the last offseason brought all kinds of chaos, like:

  • After 4 seasons, 4 Eastern Conference titles and an NBA title, LeBron James left his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers for the purple and gold jerseys of the Los Angeles Lakers.
  • All of the buzz around Paul George’s free agency was much ado about nothing, as George re-signed with the Oklahoma City Thunder at the stroke of midnight, for four years and $137 million. Following this surprise long-term deal, ESPN’s Pablo Torre noted, we really don’t know these players.
  • It nearly happened four years ago, but JJ Redick and some emojis kept DeAndre Jordan away from Dallas in Los Angeles. This time, Jordan and the Mavericks agreed to a deal.
  • Jimmy Butler demanded a trade out of Minnesota, but nothing really came out of that, and he’s still a Timberwolf.

But now that the season has begun, all of that is behind us.

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