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July 29, 2021

To keep you up to speed on SiriusXM’s must-watch moments, we’re showcasing exclusive videos on our blog in a new series: In the Spotlight. Whether you missed our latest viral chat with your favorite movie star or want to relive that stripped-down set you heard on the radio, In the Spotlight is your front-row seat to epic performances and unforgettable interviews with the biggest stars in music, sports, and entertainment.

This week, Tom Brady reflects on what it means to head back to Foxboro, Ed Sheeran spills on fatherhood, Camille Kostek dishes on Rob Gronkowski’s favorite model, and Margaret Cho remembers filming Face/Off with John Travolta.

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Tom Brady Looks Forward to Playing in Foxboro for the Last Time

At a SiriusXM Town Hall, football legend Tom Brady says he looks forward to playing in Foxboro, Massachusetts – where he built his career with the New England Patriots – one last time, now with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He remembers special moments with his former team and promises that the Bucs will show up in fighting shape to defend their title as Super Bowl champions. Listen to the full Town Hall on the SXM App:

Ed Sheeran Says Eminem Inspired His New Approach to Work/Life Balance

Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran talks about balancing his career with fatherhood, including how he was inspired by rap legend Eminem to trade late nights in the studio for a 9-to-5 work schedule that leaves plenty of time for his wife and daughter Lyra. As he thinks about going back on tour, he reflects on what it will be like to take his family life on the road. Listen to the full episode on the SXM App:

Camille Kostek Says Tanaye White Is Gronk’s Favorite Model

Model, actress, and television host Camille Kostek raves about her friend Tanaye White’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit spread. She also says that her longtime boyfriend, Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski, loves Tanaye because she’s playful with Camille and Gronk’s dog, Ralphie. Listen to the full episode on the SXM App:

Margaret Cho Says John Travolta Was Treated “Like a King” in “Face/Off”

Actress, musician, and stand-up comedian Margaret Cho remembers working on the 1997 action thriller movie Face/Off with John Travolta. While she and Travolta cracked jokes and stuffed themselves with pie on set, she says Travolta was widely seen as “a king” at the height of his fame, with a sense of grandeur that rivaled real royalty. Listen to the full episode on the SXM App: